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Sweetleaf Natural stevia sweetener

More than 1,500 years ago the Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant was happened upon by the native Guarani locals.

By conjurong in groups of two or three throughout the outskirts of the rainforests of Paraguay the natives would use the stevia leaves for medicinal purposes whether it was to freshen their breath or sweeten their herbal Yerba mate tea.

Here are some interesting facts about the Stevia Leaf

●Stevia leaves are used to season foods and can be eaten dried or fresh

●Stevia leaves that are fresh are the perfect addition to any salad

 ●The stevia leaf is 30 times sweeter than sugar

●Stevia leaves can be steeped in water to make tea

●The stevia leaf is rich in nutrients

The Sweetleaf Natural stevia sweetener brand makes all sorts of products that can be used in numerous recipes to flavor baked goods, drinks and more!

Sweetleaf liquid stevia drops are made from stevia leaf extract.

Sweetleaf is

●organic and Non Gmo

●all natural

●gluten free

●calorie and carb free

Sweetleaf stevia liquid drops add fla…

Sweat it out with Nooma Organic Electrolyte Drinks

It all began with one brilliant idea where the world could benefit from a healthier drink to rehydrate and replenish those electrolytes.

After many attempts they've concocted a unique drink that was not only flavorful but a healthier way to rehydrate after a sweaty workout session to help replenish electrolytes and that's how Nooma Organic Electrolyte Drinks was born!

Nooma Organic Electrolyte drinks are made with organic ingredients and doesn't contain any added sugars with only 20 calories per drink!

Nooma is free from

Nooma is Vegan and Paleo Friendly!

When you workout you sweat which we lose water and electrolytes and in order for our bodies to stay hydrated and perform correctly we must replenish those minerals that we lose during a workout in the form of sodium and potassium.

The electrolytes found in Nooma's drinks can also located in the earth and what better way to rehydrate with simple ingredients that are found in our kitchen than in a lab…

Primal Kitchen Foods Review

It all began with former elite endurance athlete Mark Sisson making his fitness and health goals a priority in his life, by handing his running shoes in 26 years ago and never looked he back.

He then started writing best selling books in Health and Fitness.

Mark also created his own unique blend of nutritional supplements along with diet and exercise systems by designing his own website Marks' in hopes to reach out to others that are willing to take charge of their own life and health.

Mark's line of exceptional healthy goods Primal Kitchen Foods does just that they promote a healthy lifestyle by bringing the world a line of delectable high quality salad dressings and sauces.

Mark created Primal Kitchen Foods when he grew tired of those so called healthy salad dressings that were loaded with unwanted sugar and made a healthier one that didn't contain any canola,soy,sunflower, or corn oils that are indicators leading to many chronic illnesses.

Primal Kitchen…

ZazuBean Organic & Fair Trade chocolate with superfoods!

It all began in 2003 with a cluster of girlfriends who embarked on a journey to an island just off the coast of British Columbia.

Storage space on the bike excursion was tight but chocolate was the one product stowed away safely in each rucksack.

Later on the ladies discussed all things chocolate not only how delicious it was but that it satisfied their cravings for something sweet.

The ladies talked about how there should be a chocolate that everyone could enjoy being not only delicious but healthy as well and met their lifestyle choices for something to satisfy their sweet tooth.

What everyone wanted was a Fair Trade certified chocolate made with organic ingredients containing superfoods and that's how ZazuBean chocolate was born!

Not long after the journey Tiziana Lenna Co-founder of ZazuBean went straight to work in the chocolate lab but before she began reading up on the history of the diverse origins of chocolate and that's when she realized the components of certain pl…

Goraw Junkfree foods Review

Bringing you an array of healthy foods made with real organic and raw ingredients to fit any lifestyle.

Goraw Foods are

*100% organic
*free from junk
*soy free
*dairy free
*gluten free
*nut free

Goraw Foods are Paleo friendly

Goraw Foods are made with sprouted ingredients such as flaxseed, sesame seeds where they are then dried not cooked locking in nutrients to offer great texture and flavor.

Goraw foods makes all kinds of delicious snacks which are listed below.

Sprouted Cookies
Sprouted bars
Sprouted Granola
Sprouted flax snax
Sprouted bites
Sprouted seeds
Coconut crisps
Salad snax

The wonderful maker's of Goraw provided me with some of their products to review and here is what I received to sample.

Sprouted Bars :

Raisin Crunch:
Plump and juicy raisins provide a hint of sweetness in each crispy bite. 
Chewy Apricot : The name says it all sweet and juicy chewy apricots provide an unbelievable texture. 
Banana bread : Tastes just like mom made it with …

Help fight allergies with Xlear nasal spray !

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming that's how you know Spring has arrived which means so hasn't allergy season.

During Spring my allergies are the worst the red itchy eyes, stuffy nose, scratchy throat, sneezing, and headaches .

I received a coupon for a complimentary bottle of Xlear and it couldn't have arrived at a better time .

I don't know what is more worse trying to sleep or getting fresh air because both seems next to impossible.

With Xlear natural saline nasal spray you can sleep soundly and breathe easier.

Xlear natural saline is made from simple all natural ingredients that help ease even the most stuffed up nose whether from allergies, sinusitis or cold & flu.

Xlear nasal spray is made with xylitol which is a crystalline carbohydrate which is found in numerous fruits and vegetables that our bodies comsume it in small amounts on a daily basis.

Xlear contains the following Ingredients

Purified water,xylitol, saline,grapefruit…

California Country Gal Grain Free Mixes Review!

It all began with founder of California Country Gal Annabelle and her four growing boys in the comfort of their own home located in the California Countryside.

She then noticed that extracted starches that are popular in gluten free foods signify weight gain and grains are a problem for many people so she began tunkering in her kitchen with some ingredients that are rich in nutrients and offer a higher quality.

Annabelle's husband Tom plodded her to pursue her culinary delights and that's how California Country Gal was born.

I came across California Country Gal online and the products sounded not only healthy but flavorful and delicious!

Annabelle her self provided me with samples to review and I chose the sandwich bread and cinnamon rolls because why not they are gooey and delicious!

California Country Gal baking mixes are a great source of healthy fats, protein, fiber , vitamins and minerals.

California Country Gal baking mixes are available in

*sandwich bread
*cinnamon rol…

Carrington Farms Coconut cooking oil review

Since the year 2000 Carrington Farms has concocted 100% organic non-Gmo health foods that are wonderful for health conscious patrons that offer a wide variety of delicious products to choose from.

Carrington Farms products are perfect for any lifestyle and offer numerous health benefits.

Carrington Farms offered a line of chia, flax seeds, cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil, and coconut cooking oils that are chock full of vitamins.

 unrefined extra virgin coconut oil is a known oil from the meat of a young coconut and is a popular food source in the tropics.

Coconut oil is so versatile and can be used in many ways from cosmetics, for industrial purposes and cooking.

Did you know that coconut oil is slow to oxidize and has a high tolerance to heat?

Coconut oil has numerous health benefits as well which I will get into a bit further.

Coconut oil is made up of good healthy fats that contain compound molecules that are known as fatty acids which is solely based on the molecula…

Paleo Simplified

It all began in the year of 2011 with founder of Paleo Simplified Eileen Forte where she developed nutritious snacks that were not just healthy but tasted good as well and Paleo Simplified was born!

Paleo Simplified snacks are made up of real whole ingredients that provide our b,odies with long lasting energy without any artificial sugars, caffeine,  grains , soy, gluten or dairy.

Paleo Simplified are

Non Gmo

Their bars offer a total of 26 vitamins and minerals that contain real superfoods like nuts, coconut, and dried fruits with a satisfying crunch and touch of sweetness .

Paleo Simplified bars is literally the Paleo diet in bar form because they contain healthy foods without any dairy,  soy, grains.

So what is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet consists of a lifestyle that's free from dairy, legumes and grains.

The Paleo diet aids in good health, helps promote weight loss, reduces inflammation and also increases the intake and uptake of nutrients.

With the Paleo diet y…

Welcome Back to Bread with Fox Hill Kitchens

It all began with Founders of Fox Hill Kitchen's when Julie Fox-McClure and husband Hilary in Northern Vermont with their children Zoe and Owen.

What started out as a vegetable and herb garden lead to a passion for baking, she was also a chef and caterer throughout her adulthood and has a culinary degree from the New England Culinary Institute where she went to school.

Like many Julie had struggled with her weight it wasn't until the birth of her son where she learned of an autoimmune disease she had called Lymphocytic Colitis which lead her and Hilary to the Paleo diet, she started off by limiting her carb intake and slowly but surely more to Paleo where her digestive problems diminished and the weight started coming off and stayed off.

It wasn't until one day where she was set on coming up with a bread that worked for both herself and family which she came up with her own and that's how Fox Hill Kitchen's was born!

Julie and Hilary created their company Paleo  (…