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EXO Protein Paleo Bites

It all began with one colossal vault introducing the universe to the next awe-inspiring protein made from crickets, yes you heard me right crickets!

Did you know that crickets are a great source of protein? When turned into a powder form it's a game changer, toss in some apples and almonds and you've got one chirping good snack that provides you with energy that lasts!

Did you know that 80% of the people from around the world consume crickets on a daily basis? 

Crickets are in high demand because they produce no methane and require minimal feed, water, and space unlike other protein sources, plus they provide us with nutrients and are super tasty.

With livestock farming the feed usage is the most-resource intensive part.

60 lbs

30 lbs

15 lbs 

5 lbs 

Crickets only require a small dose of the water than cows do resulting in the same amount of protein.

Crickets- 1 Gallon
Chicken- 567 Gallons
Pigs- 800 Gallons
Cows- 2,000 Gallons

Crickets …

Tutti Gourmet Healthy Gluten-Free Snacks for Everyone !

It all began in the majestic town of Hudson, Quebec with Founder and President of Tutti Gourmet Gluten Free Snacks Michael Kachani which is a company run and owned by family that have a fan base throughout Canada and all over the world who are passionate about good food. Tutti Gourmet feels strongly about lending a hand to their local economy by conducting an enjoyable work environment, creating high quality specialty foods that are healthier gourmet snacks for any taste bud, age and dietary restriction.
Tutti Gourmet's Snacks are made with exciting flavors bringing you the real deal to the word "Tutti", which is the Italian word for "everyone". Over at Tutti Gourmet they love to think "outside the box" so their customers become "insiders" and will savor all the good things that their foods have to offer.
Tutti Gourmet carries a line of crackers, bites and biscotti.
Tomato & Pumpkin Grape & Coriander
Bites (Paleo Friendly)

Lily Puffs

When it comes to the food industry all successful businesses test the status quot. Not long ago the founders of Lily Puffs questioned themselves "Why are more than half of the world's food come from wheat, corn and soy?" For example in it's original form these crops have nothing wrong with them but have then been revamped and meddled with past their natural state of being. 

Lily Puffs created a minimally processed yet nutritional food made from plants that many people have yet to be heard of. They see a lot of so called "healthy" brands that use not so healthy ingredients, which is why they are devoted to providing us with the true thing.

So what are Lily Puffs? 

Lily Puffs are water lily seeds that have been puffed, lightly roasted and then seasoned using high quality ingredients to provide us with a healthy and delicious snack. The water lily seeds have been used in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine for thousands of years being that they are believed to ha…

Taali Foods Water Lily Pops!

It all began with founder of Taali Foods Water Lily Pops Aarti and Aditya when they met in a math class 18 years later in Philadelphia as undergrad students who knew that they lived only mintues from one another in Bombay, little did they know that they both share a passion for foods, Aarti is an exceptional cook and Aditya eats healthy.

Both Aarti and Aditya love to snack so much so that after they've had some time in America made them realize that a lot of snacks on the market are highly processed, fried, or made with ingredients such as corn, and wheat so they decided to switch it up a bit creating their very own snack.

It took a few test runs and samplings with friends and family which is how Taali Water lily Pops was born! Aarti and Aditya have a dream for Taali Foods and they want their snacks to be not only healthy and tasty but guilt free.

Taali Water lily Pops are made from Non-GMO, whole and natural ingredients that we can pronounce not to mention spell developing a contras…

Nutista Authentic Stone ground Nut butters !

It all began with Greg Koch when a nutty realization came to him on a whim while lending a hand to displace America's mass-market beer industry as Co-founder of the Pioneering Stone Brewery. When he went on a journey to brew a collaboration beer along with Northern Italy's popular Baladin Brewery, he taste tested the Piedmont region's hazelnuts and was blown away at how different they were to the rancid varieties of the nuts he has tried before.

It wasn't until a few years later in Brazil that Greg had another nut encounter while he was accompanied by friends to brew a collaboration beer at the Bodebrown Brewery which was insanely nutrageous !  "In America, Greg records that "numerous people think of the Brazil nuts as a bland tasting cheap filler in their bag of mixed nuts. Greg realized just how superior their quality and freshness really were with their natural sweetness and he couldn't resist them!

The declaration of the hazelnuts and Brazil nuts were j…

Megpie's All-Natural Artisan Tarts !

It all began with Founders of Megpie's Meghan and Paul when they started a bake sale on their Brooklyn stoop each week that grabbed the attention of busy commuters while on the way to the subway.

Meghan and Paul concocted a pie that could fit into the palm of you're hand with a buttery flaky crust that doesn't crumble so there's no mess! 

Not long after that MegPie's All-Natural Artisan Tarts was born making their debut in 2012 at Smorgasburg in New York City.

Megpie's are filled with specialty jam from Anarchy in a Jar that is then topped with radiant icing, making them popular by demand!

Megpie's were so popular in fact that local cafes and shops were inquisitive so Meghan and Paul delivered their tarts by bicycle as they made the commute to their daily jobs.

What took them four years to increase their reach throughout the New York region, in 2016 they went nationally!

Megpie's are to this day available in numerous specialty shops and cafes in Brooklyn and …

Live in Full Blume with Blume Honey Water!

It all started with beverage specialist Michele Meloy Burchfield when sports coach Joe Ross created a natural elixir to hydrate his athletes by combining equal parts water and honey.

Michele was interested in the idea and intuitively knew that there was a way to make honey water a lot more frolicsome for the palate and brought it to close friend and globally recognized brand strategist Carla Frank.

The pair researched honey and it's benefits and the glorious bees that produce it for over two years.

Honey and water is not only great for hydration purposes but it's energizing as well so much so in fact that the first Olympics athletes used it to fuel their obsolete .

Michele and Carla's devotion soon sprung into Blume Honey Water, which is a line of naturally energizing, tastefully hydrating waters that satisfy the palate all while building awareness around bee sustainability.  

Blume water is the sweetest way to savor life!

Blume Honey water is 100% bee friendly

calm ,healthy envi…

Fat Is Smart Fuel with DropanFBOMB !

It all began with husband Ross and his wife Kara, co-founders of Love You Foods, where they reside in glorious Flagstaff which is a quaint town in the high country of Northern Arizona just below the Sanfrancisco peaks .

Ross and Kara feel strongly about health and lead to a quest to help others lead healthier lives.

Ross and Kara together have quite the expertise in commercial Alaskan fishing boats, law enforcement, finance , restaurant management and renewable energy as well as ecology work in the Grand Canyon.

The market was in desperate need of a high-quality fat that is a not only portable, carry without lugging around a backpack but is enjoyable all in the same.

Ross and Kara are huge supporters when it comes to a low-carb/high-fat (LCHF) diet so they created their very own snack that you can enjoy on the go that's high in fat, healthy and delicious with their FBOMB nut butters!

FBOMB has been tried, tested and tasted using high quality ingredients then packaged into small pouches…