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Clean With Care: Do laundry with I Love Tangie Laundry Paste!

It all began with Angie founder of Tangie who had suffered from sensitivities to numerous store brand products.

After realizing that ingredients within those products could be the cause she concocted her very own recipes for both household and body products which began with vinegar as the base and water to clean her windows.

She then read about petroleum-based products which she realized she didn't want to wear everyday, yuck!

Laundry soap was next where she found one straight from the net which was a mixture of Borax, Washing Soda, and Fels Naptha Soap which at the time was a popular way to make so called all natural laundry soap which she believed.

Then one day a more natural ingredient piqued her interest good ol yucca root, hazelnuts and soap nuts !

If you've never heard of doing your laundry with nuts and berries then think again for 1,000's of years before us they did!

Angie was interested and began researching about ingredients and history which she chose a path to recr…

Elmhurst1925 Milked Hazelnuts SocialNature Sampling !

It all began in New York City during the 1900's with a tiny herd of cattle where much of Manhattan was scoured with lush farmlands .

Cows were bought on Manhattan stomping grounds and traveled their way across the Williamsburg Bridge where the Elmhurst neighborhood resided in Queens. The buyer's sons Arthur and Max Schwartz discovered an opportunity and ran with it. During the 1920's they hand bottled milk inside their father's milk house.

They then distributed fresh milk across both Brooklyn and Queens inside of a delivery truck that was chock full of ice blocks to keep it cold.

Since then Elmhurst milk has blossomed into one of the largest dairy manufacturers on the East Coast where they supply a metropolitan area of a total of 7 million people.

It's been almost a century later since Elmhurst 1925 began and remains run by family which is owned by Max's son Henry Schwartz.

Elmhurst just recently expanded their roots and jumped on the plant-based band wagon making d…

Annmarie Skincare's Charcoal Cacao Mask: Antioxidant Detoxifying Treatment

This winter has been brutal not only on my hair but skin causing it to be dry especially on my face but thanks to Annmarie Skincare's Charcoal Cacao Mask: Antioxidant Detoxifying treatment my face is anything but it's supple to the touch !

I am an ambassador for  Annmarie Skincare and received their newest product for free to test out which is a Charcoal Cacao  Mask with antioxidant Detoxifying treatment that is great for all skin types, not only does it calm the skin but it purifies and revives it as well creating soft supple skin.

To get outstanding results apply the Charcoal Cacao Mask generously to clear skin. Leave it on for a
Total of 15 minutes and then remove it with a wet towel then pat dry. If you want a spa like experience and extraordinary results open pores in the bath or shower before applying the mask to the skin or with a warm towel. Do once or twice for optimal results.

Tip* The charcoal may stain so use a dark towel to remove.

Retail price of the Annmarie Ski…

Chut-Up All-Natural Condiments

It all began with South African born entrepreneur Chef Hugo Uys founder of Chut Up with the passion to deliver good for you foods that could live up to those other brands of condiments.

Hugo realized his friends were relishing in unhealthy condiments to top off their dishes made with high- quality ingredients and that's when it hit him to create his very own !

Hugo took ingredients and combined them with a South-African taste creating your next pantry must have that is out of this world delicious !

Chut-Up Condiments are

•All Natural

•Contain no added sugar
•No Preservatives
•No Artificial Ingredients

Chut-Up Condiments include

•Beet Ketchup
•Apple & Caramelized Onion Chutney
•Peri Peri Hot Sauce

A healthier and tastier condiment that you can add to anything imaginable from burgers, cheese, fruit, crackers, sandwiches ? Oh Chut-Up !

Chut-Up Condiments work wonders on any food that may need a flavor pick me up such as hot dogs, burgers, meatloaf plus you can even use it to marinate steak or…

Elvive Revive Influenster VoxBox

Winter weather leaving your hair dry and frizzy?

This winter so far has been brutal with freezing temperatures leaving my skin and hair dry but thanks to Elvive Revive extraordinary oil treatment that I received for testing purposes from influenster my hair has been transformed to silky hair that shines !

You too can get  rid of dry frizzy hair with the latest product from Loreal Hair with their Elvive Revive extraordinary oil that helps transforms dry hair in no time at all!

Elvive Revive is a leave in hair treatment that is made from Camellia & sunflower oil that provides a deep nourishment making your hair silky soft with a illumines shine bringing it to life sort of speak in just one wash.

Elvive Revive is versatile and can be used in a number of ways such as

• Before styling hair to help control frizz
•Before shampoo to nourish the hair
• To polish strands to tame flyways and for no frizz
•Lightweight finishing polish for shine and silky softness

How to use:

  Spritz two drops into pal…