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Nicole Made This products Review!

Nicole Made This are handcrafted all natural personal care beauty products that are made naturally without harsh chemicals using the finest ingredients. These products are unique and make wonderful gifts for loved ones in mind such as babies, dogs, men, kids and women!
These products aren't your average beauty care products they are affordable, they smell wonderful, and can be delivered straight to your door!
I was sent a few of their outstanding beauty products for review and couldn't wait to try them when they arrived at my door!
While I opened the box I noticed how much thought actually went into the boxing of the products, the soft skin to go kit was inside of a Chinese take out box and I thought it was just the cutest idea to store beauty products in!
In the kit it came with Oatmeal Cookie Soap Bar with the wooden soap dish and a magic solid lotion bar and it makes the perfect gift for mother's day or even to pamper yourself with because it's so worth it!
The oatmeal c…

Nugo Slim Nutrition Review

Last year I made some major changes to my lifestyle and it was for the better. I have always been over weight and I wasn't at my highest last year but getting close to it again, due to losing my job a year before I was in a deep depression and would turn to food. 
Even when I was younger I would eat my feelings away which yes isn't good. So one day I looked at myself in the mirror and told myself the time has come to get into shape and stick to it because your life matters and so doesn't your health.
 I chose to join Curves gym to not only get in shape but to lose weight and most importantly feel great about myself.
I was a Curves member for only a short time before I started noticing results in my body due to eating right plus the exercising. I was off to a great start and felt great, and without waking up and coming to my senses I would have been miserable and probably still in the same position I was in before. 
Well it's been a year now since I've joined and I have…

Bear Naked Review

I recently was sent a wonderful assortment of healthy and delicious foods from Bear Naked granola company.
I was amazed when the box arrived, I couldn't wait to see what was inside. So I quickly and carefully opened the box. Inside of the box there was an assortment of their Bear Naked Fit granola, morning protein power snacks and a package of fruit and nut cookies! Talk about healthy!
Sweet Facts:
100% all natural Low in fat Delicious Low in sugar Fruity

Granola I was sent:
Triple Berry Crunch-
Vanilla Almond Crunch-
Heavenly Chocolate-
I haven't tried all of the products yet but the products I have tried so far are amazing.They are packed with the most amazing flavor and has healthy ingredients in them such as fruits and nuts.
Morning Protein without nuts-
A warm sweet cinnamon taste with a light crunch with tangy cranberries mixed in. Powerful protein keep you  on the go for a quick and easy snack! Works great in yogurt or right out of the pouch!
Fruit and nut cookies-
I loved the fact tha…

Pacific Beach Peanut Butter Review and Giveaway!

This sweet review today has brought me back to my childhood just waiting in anticipation in the cafeteria to open up my lunch box and take a bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Pacific Beach Peanut Butter company has taken peanut butter to a whole other level with their peanut butters.
*Key points*  all gluten free/sugar free varieties hand made and packed with love all natural ingredients made with valencia peanuts
They have so many different flavors not just your average plain peanut butter here!
White Chocolate Chocolate Cinnayum Toffee Touch of Caramel Butterscotch Child's Play (made with m&m pieces resembling confetti)  Organic Peanut Butter
I was sent three of the cutest jars of peanut butter for a review.
I was excited to be able to pick which of the two flavors I wanted to try.
Believe me the choice wasn't easy.
So many choices and they all sounded amazing!
I chose the toffee and chocolate, they also sent me the original peanut butter.
Here is what I think of all thre…

Fiona's Natural Foods Review

As you may know I eat yogurt daily for breakfast along with some fresh fruit and granola. I just love all the different tastes married together, it's light, sweet and the perfect breakfast that is quick and fills me up for half the day!

I was browsing the web one night and came across this web site that makes all natural products such as granola, trail mix and granola quinoa energy bars! I was like whoa, trail mix! I am so in! 
I was stoked when I found out that I was going to be doing a review on their products! I was sent an amazing assortment of natural foods from Fiona's Granola they sent eight different kinds of granola, guess they heard I love granola? 
A bag of trail mix and the bars as well!
Whoa. these products are amazing!
Each product has it's own unique twist to them, and I will tell you all about them!

Sunflower Vanilla Coconut Granola-
I absolutely love coconut flavored foods especially granola!
This granola is surprisingly tasty, not too much of a coconut taste when…

Woolite Crowdtap Party Kit

When it comes to my clothing I look for a detergent that will keep them looking new and Woolite has certainly been the best in doing so.
I recently was sent Woolite samples through Crowdtap for a party and absolutely love sharing with others samples like laundry detergent so they can see just how great the product really is!
At first I was a bit skeptical in using Woolite because I thought, yeah right like the colors won't fade after doing my laundry?
So then I just said oh the heck with it I'll try them myself to see if they actually really work!
From working to working out or just everyday use the clothing colors tend to fade, well not Woolite! 
So after a few uses of the detergent I noticed my clothing still looked good as new, no color fade what so ever!
It was simply amazing! How can a product work that great especially a sample size?
I was so excited that my friends and family would be able to see for themselves as well because Crowdtap was generous enough to send me some sampl…

Crowdtap Cottonelle Care Review

Ladies and gents it's time to get a little bit personal on Losing Weight tonight, by changing up the routine in the bathroom. Feel like your toilet paper is not doing the job and keeping you clean and fresh? If not then it's time to get fresh with Cottonelle! 
I was sent a party pack that contains an 18 roll pack of toilet paper with moist flush able wipes, and I get to give two friends their own package of a 4 pack of Cottonelle toilet paper and a tub of the moist wipes as well!
What I loved about the toilet paper was that it doesn't feel like your wiping with sand paper at all, it's oh so soft and the wipes have a light scent making you feel cleaner.

For my sample shares I chose my mother, sister and a dear friend and member of Curves Gym, and here are some of my photos of the sample shares!

My niece and the display of Cottonelle products!

Maria, looks really happy she got Cottonelle..Oh gosh, she's probably going to hate me for this! Eek!
You and your friends can enjo…

Vita Tops Review

Half the fat and calories of a regular muffin. Even though I have lost weight I still eat sweets but in moderation. I came across these decadent tasty looking treats called Vita Tops .I was sent a sampler pack of some of their products for review. They are my healthy go to treat, or a quick and filling breakfast.
What are vita tops? You know the tops on a muffin? That's just what they are! They are so delicious and have a wide variety of flavors ranging from cran-bran to chocolate mint!
They even have little fudge cakes!
What do I love about them?
I love how they only contain 100 calories, the fact that they aren't crumbly like other muffins, nutritious, filling and sweet!
It's a great thing to snack on these knowing you aren't going to feel the guilt afterward!
They are amazingly delicious when you pop them into the microwave for just a few seconds, especially the chocolate ones. They are gooey, decadent and reminds me of a cake just out of the oven. Oh the smell of the cho…

Nuvia Cafe Review

You can enjoy the taste of cafe coffee right in your home with Nuvia Cafe's bold and delicious aroma. I am not sure if you have heard of their coffee, so I am going to tell you all about it in this review. I am a coffee addict and was looking online one night for a coffee to try because I am always buying mine.
So I came across Nuvia's site and to my knowledge I learned that it's a Sumatrain arabaica coffee that's infused with real ingredients such as African mango seed,pomegranate, and Gandoderma. Roasted to perfection with a flavor that's both bold and rich!
Ganoderma is an immune enhancer. African mango to those who aren't familiar with it is a healthy all natural appetite suppressant.
Nuvia Trim is healthy weight loss in a cup! 
Containing substantial weight optimizing extracts of raspberry ketones, green tea, green coffee bean, African Mango and also Ganoderma.
Mix it up 30 minutes before a meal and enjoy!
I have tried my fair share of of instant coffee and I was…

Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream Review

I was selected on Influenster to try Aveeno's Active Natural's night cream. In my vox box I received the night cream with the cutest face mask to go along with the beauty regimen.
Here is a little tip. Before you use your night cream use a cleansing scrub to awaken those pores. Then apply the cream to your face with the eye mask and it's time to get comfortable and ready for bed so the cream can take affect. In the morning you will awaken with healthy glowing skin!
I think this product is amazing because it helps reduce redness, discoloration and also makes your face feel smooth without any dryness!
I have been a fan of Aveeno products for as long as I can remember, they work well with my skin and leaves it softer and healthier looking.
Thank you Influenster and Aveeno for sending me this amazing product for review! 

Acure Organics Review

I absolutely love body care products and also trying new skin care products for my face.
When I came across these products on the website and saw that they had a Pumpkin Coconut body wash I just knew that I had to try them out! (I love Coconut products) :) 
I was sent the most wonderful assortment of  body and facial products from Acure Organics for review.

Pumpkin Coconut Body Wash
I love coconut scented products especially bath and body stuff such as lotions, body wash you name it I love it!
This body wash is amazing it smells outrageously delicious!
Reminds me of a pumpkin pie with coconut cream on top it's just that luxurious and makes your skin feel so soft!
Dab a small amount onto skin or a wash cloth or even a loofah and enjoy!
You will love this scent and how it makes your skin feel.

Mandarin Orange and  Morracan Argan stem cell advanced triple moisture body lotion
I am in love with this lotion.
It offers a great orange scent on your skin making your skin feel softer like never befor…