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Goodies company review!

I love monthly subscription boxes that you can order with products such as food ! With that in mind a wonderful company by the name of Goodies co  sent me some delicious products for review!  It's great because you get the snacks delivered right to your door! At times I have a hard time throwing together a snack to bring to work or even after a workout so this is great because they pick them out for you!
Shortbread cookie:
Mom and I had some ice cream to go along with the buttery deliciousness of this wonderful shortbread cookie and it was the perfect sweet treat to have for a snack! The cookie was incredibly good, it was buttery, sweet,crispy and tasted just like the cookies that come in the tin can for Christmas time but so much better! 

Honey Dijon seaweed snack:
I've heard of seaweed snacks before but never tried it because I guess I was sort of creeped out by it because when I think of seaweed I think of the wet seaweed that's on the beach eww! But let me tell you add thi…

Cuties smoothies and juices review!

I've heard of Cuties juices and smoothies  have wanted to try them for quite sometime now so I contacted them for a possible review and was ecstatic when I was sent a bunch of coupons for free juices and smoothies of my choice! I had a little trouble in finding them at first, went to a few stores and didn't find them !

However I did see some coffee and milks from CalifiaFarms that owns cuties and so would love to try them because I love coffee and drink it twice in one day and the milk would be great along with some fresh fruit and granola! 
Anyway I decided to check shaws supermarket which is closer to me and to my surprise they were there! It's funny because I remember seeing them somewhere and couldn't remember where lol it was shaws all along!
So I picked up some of the flavors that I found and couldn't wait to try them!
I just love the cute little faces on each jug of juice or smoothie! It's healthy, delicious, fruity and perfect for on the go as a quick snack …

Tarte Asian yogurt review!

I've tried all kinds of yogurts throughout my life whether its a Greek style yogurt or just light and creamy what can I say I love yogurt! I usually layer it off with some fruit and granola and it makes the perfect breakfast or snack! At times though yogurt can be boring especially when there arent many flavors offered. When I came across Asian styled yogurt from Tarte yogurt and saw the interesting flavors they had to offer I just knew that I had to try them for review!
They sent me some of their yogurts with a cooler bag as well to keep them cold!such a great idea because I can reuse this bag to take to work with me or even the beach to keep lunches and snacks cold.

Strawberry guanabana:
I have to admit this flavor was very good! It was fruity not too tart or sweet at all. I mixed in some fruit with it and went well together. 

Green tea and honey:
Now I've tried green tea and honey as a drink before but not as a yogurt,to me it sounded weird and thought that I wouldn't like it…

Wild Garden Hummus Dip Review

Whether I'm eating crackers or vegetables it needs an extra something such as a dip or cheese etc. A snack that I love that's healthy and delicious and better than a dip that's full of fat and calories is hummus! It tastes great in a sandwich, on crackers, as a dip or on some veggies such as carrots, cucumbers and peppers! 
I absolutely love hummus and especially if its healthy and all natural it's a huge plus for me because I'm eating healthier and on a mission to lose weight! 
Any who my love for hummus has brought me to this review today! Wild Garden Hummus  sent me a case of their hummus to review along with 2 jars of Mediterranean hummus and also 3 snack packages of their delicious hummus in the cutest little squeezable pouch with pita chips! I love pita chips as well so this is the perfect go to snack for on the go !

Here is a photo of my late afternoon snack that I chose, it sure was tasty and delicious! 
Chunky Mediterranean :

Ran out of some veggies for my san…

Shakespeare's Candy Review!

I love sweets whether it's something chocolate,peanut butter, caramel or coconut flavored candies or cookies you name it I love it! 
When I came across Shakespeare's candy on the web and saw how decadent and delicious looking their candies and chocolate covered pretzels were I just had to try them ! 
I couldn't make a decision of what I wanted to try so I told them to surprise me!
I couldn't wait for the goodies to arrive to see what I was going to be sinking my teeth into! 
I was ecstatic when I saw the box on the doorstep today and quickly grabbed my iPod to snap some photos before the taste testing began! 
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how decorative the goodies were! 
Rice crispy treat:
When i was a kid i loved eating rice crispy treats but this one right here is not your average at all!! I was sent a ginormous rice crispy treat that's coated with chocolate and showered with rainbow chocolate chips! What I love most of all is how they have their logo made …

Lily's Sweets Review!

It's so hard to stay away from things such as cookies,cake or anything with chocolate in it such as candy bars, so that's why when I eat something like that I eat them in moderation . 
I absolutely love these candy bars that Lily's Sweets sent me for review .
These chocolate bars aren't your average at all they are made from real ingredients, chock full of flavor and works for the sweet tooth!
Goes great with a nice tall glass of milk or my favorite, which is coffee! 
Sweet & Chocolaty Facts:
Sweetened with Stevia All natural Delicious Chocolate  Full of flavor USDA organic  NON GMO No Sugar Added 
Dark chocolate coconut:
I am a coconut fanatic especially when there is delicious chocolate mixed in. I loved the taste of this particular candy bar because the exotic sweetness of the coconut worked perfectly with the bitterness of dark chocolate and made the perfect treat! You can also crumble some pieces up and add them to frozen yogurt or even mix it in with your favorite bat…

Funky Monkey Snacks review and Giveaway!

Whenever I am looking for a quick snack for on the go I grab a piece of fruit because its convenient , healthy and best of all good for me, but sometimes need that extra sweetness and Funky Monkey Snacks  all natural freeze dried fruit snacks have just that!!  I was sent some products of theirs for review and so far I love them! 

I've tried Other freeze dried fruits but nothing as quite delicious as these because they have unique flavors and are sprinkled with cinnamon! 
delicious apples freeze dried sprinkled with cinnamon . They are the perfect bite sized snack that's healthy and kids will love as well. They go great with a bowl of oatmeal or even yogurt .I love how they are in bite sized apple slices and aren't too sweet either . 
crispy delicious bananas sprinkled with sweet cinnamon giving a great flavor and not too sweet worked great in my morning parfait . 
Funky monkey facts:
Healthy All natural  Delicious  Fat free three servings of fruit in each bag!

No Pudge Fudge Brownies Review!!

I remember when I was little how i would always lick   the batter off the spoon while making brownies, admit it you know you licked the batter either off the spoon or from the bowl as a kid . Such great memories in the kitchen ! 
Looking for a healthier brownie that you can enjoy and not feel guilty?
Give no Pudge fudge a try!

Wen I started eating more healthier I've made drastic changes to my eating especially no cookies or brownies because of the high fat content but all that has changed with No Pudge Fudge Brownies because you actually mix in yogurt in the batter!  

Read on and you will see why!! 
Made in : Mint Cappuccino Raspberry fudge Original 
 I love the smooth rich and creamy taste of the chocolate along with the light and sweet flavor of cappuccino throughout this brownie mixture! I thought at first that it was going to taste odd because you don't use the eggs that you would normally use while making brownies instead you use yogurt! What a difference it made too let…