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PlantFusion plant based protein review !

PlantFusion believes in using ingredients that are good for our planet as well as our bodies. 
They've grown up with the health food lifestyle and feel strongly about the philosophies of holistic living and they'd hope to offer the tools to be able to help others take control of their own health.
I've tried all sorts of protein powders and there was some I liked and some I didn't. When I'm in a hurry I pour some protein powder in a shaker with water or milk for added protein and give it a little shake and I'm out the door, but if I have a little more time on my hands I toss in some fruit as well.
What I like about protein powders is you can use it in a number of ways:
Smoothies Oatmeal Pancakes  Yogurt  And much more !
I came across PlantFusion and their flavors for their plant based protein powders sounded so good, they make flavors like chocolate raspberry, cookies n cream and more! 
Disclosure: To facilitate this review I was sent free samples of PlantFusio…

Purex PowerShot laundry detergent review and giveaway !

When it comes to doing the laundry I don't know which is worse from the measuring of the detergent, the mess it makes when you accidentally spill the detergent or all of the folding once it's done doing it's job in the washer/dryer plus you have to hang them in closets and put them neatly in drawers once your done folding.

I don't know how many times I have done laundry and have put way more liquid detergent than I should have. 
Don't you wish that there was a product that did all of the measuring for you when it comes time to do your laundry?
Well I am proud to announce that there is and I got to try it since I'm a PurexInsider and I couldn't wait to share it with you all. 

I was sent a new product from Purex which is  called Purex PowerShot which does the measuring for you. The bottle automatically dispenses the right amount of super concentrated formula with a 50% more stain fighting power in each drop!
With its built in auto dosing technology inside of…

Fitsnack Subscription box Review !

Fitsnack is a monthly subscription box service that delivers all sorts of healthy and delicious snacks right to your door.
I came across Fitsnack on Instagram and I do have to say they offer some pretty tasty snacks that are gluten free, packed with protein, organic etc. you name it they've got it.   I also received a shirt with the quote that says " Fit is not a destination it's a way of life". I love the saying because it fits me perfectly !

Their snacks aren't only healthy and delicious but provide clean energy to support your fitness goal oriented lifestyle. 
I was sent a box for review and this is what I had received.
Some of these products I've done reviews on in the past and still to this days enjoy them and love them for a snack and some I haven't tried nor heard of before.
Let's get to the healthy snacking now shall we!
Fit snack Raw almond and pumpkin mix: 

What makes this mix of almonds and pumpkin seeds so great is that it contains no add…

Arm & Hammer #TrulyRadiant Smiley360 mission !

I was provided with a free sample of new Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant to whiten my teeth for a beautiful smile in just five days with Smiley360! 
Want a beautiful smile and whiter teeth? 
Here are key ideas for a beautiful smile.
Strengthening- Our teeth are in fact affected by what we eat and drink from the acids which result in tooth decay which is when acids are produced by bacteria in plaque that attack teeth causing minerals like calcium to be lost. When you use  toothpaste and mouth rinse that offers fluoride it helps strengthen the enamel by preventing calcium as well as other minerals from being lost from teeth, it can also help reduce tooth decay.  
Whitening- We put our teeth at risk each day with the foods we eat as well as what we drink such as pickles, alcohol, coffee even soda due to the coloring and acids that discolor our teeth.  Toothpastes that offer baking soda will help whiten while getting rid of stains and leaves you with a healthier and brighter looking smile…

#SeedsofChangeFood Smiley360 mission

Seedsofchange  began in 1989 to produce organically grown seeds to farmers and gardeners all while being able to preserve numerous seed varieties to boot in danger of being lost to the so called advances of modern industrial agriculture. 
While it still holds true to this day Seedsofchange has yet evolved and is a producer of certified organic foods. 
Their line of certified organic simmer sauces and rice and grain blends were concocted with the belief that sustainability and great taste go hand in hand. 
I share both a passion for cooking and food and am not afraid to try something new to please the palate!
Im on the SeedsofChange mission with smiley360 and received coupons for free products of my choosing, recipes to whip up with the product and a reusable bag!

I was searching through the recipe booklet and found one that jumped out at me and couldn't wait to head to the store and get the ingredients for it.
 Whelp, I get to wholefoods after countless stores and there they were…

WB Kitchen Review !

It all began with creator and founder of WB kitchen Chris Feuille and his wife Anna in 2012. Chris has a passion for whipping up new recipes in the kitchen, thumbs through finances and creating spreadsheets and enjoys whenever a challenge comes his way. 
WB Kitchen is evolving constantly and Chris feels strongly that in order to run a successful business reasoning, intuition and making decisions based upon facts is what it takes to make your business successful. 
Chris has one goal in mind and that is to impact entrepreneurs and foodies all over.
WB Kitchen doesn't just offer treats that are sweetened with all natural honey but offers a piece of mind. 
You see as humans our choices for food happen to reflect the level of conscious awareness that we bring into our lives such as choosing to nourish our bodies with harmonious and real foods that bring us more balance not only with our planet but community too. Have you ever noticed that if you eat the healthy foods that Mother Natur…