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Nourishe Me Baking mixes review

It all began with a love for health and fitness by two crossfit enthusiasts Della & Richard where they learned that in order to be able to nourish your body is an important factor to sustain wellness. 
So Della with her years of restaurant experience developed products that were not only healthy and fueled the body but tasted good as well and that's how Nourishe was born! 
They concocted the products to be able to reach their healthy lifestyle needs which are Primal & Paleo diets which they are firmly  passionate about eating close to nature as possible with a small amount of carbohydrate intake by avoiding grains, additives and preservatives.
Della herself was kind enough to provide me with her lovely baking mixes to try out for review.
Nourishe Me baking mixes are free from 
Dairy Gluten  Grains  Soy

They are also 
• Low Carb
•Vegetarian Friendly  
Nourishe Baking mixes include 

•Pizza crust & Flatbread mix 
•Sandwich thins bread mix

•Richard's F…

Vital Proteins review

It all started with the belief that a lifestyle of whole food based nutrition when added with collagen is key to ones fitness, well being and health.
It all started with our ancestors who used whole animal nutrition that equipped that offered a great amount of collagen.
Modern food processing has then stripped the natural and healthy protein from our daily diets.
When it comes to collagen it's important for not only our bodies but is vital for our joints, bones, skin , hair and nails.
Vital Proteins provided me with some samples of their products to try out for review. 
Vital Proteins collagen offer numerous health benefits 
•Promotes healthy bones & joints  •prevents skin aging  •helps maintain weight  •restores muscle  •avoids the loss of lean body mass  •maintains the balance of nitrogen  •helps aid in weight loss •strengthens athletic performance 
Collagen Peptides can be added into hot or cold drinks like smoothies, coffee, water, tea, juice and can be mixed into oatmeal…

Arm & Hammer #BakingSodaDoesThat smiley360 mission

It all started over 165 years ago with Arm&Hammer baking soda which is a money saving more natural way to clean and deodorize your home.
Arm&Hammer is a better alternative than using harsh chemicals when cleaning because it's safe.
Arm&Hammer can be used in a number of ways not only does it clean and deodorize the home making everything sparkle and smell fresh but it's safe with kids, pets and makes the most delicious cookies I've ever eaten!
I've been using Arm&Hammer for as long as I can remember I like not only that they make the perfect cookie but how well it freshens up my home making it look like I've been scrubbing and cleaning for days, shh don't tell anyone my secret. 
Ah, Spring has sprung which means it's time to get down to business and  break out all of your cleaning essentials to spruce up the house!
After all a clean home is a happy home and why not make it clean with the help of Arm&Hammer baking soda !

Arm&Hammer is…

My Protein Puck Gluten Free & Vegan Bar Review

It all began with David and Brande Tawney when they grew tired of protein shakes every morning and wanted something different.
So they got to work in the kitchen and  through trial and error Protein Puck was born!
Not long after they relocated into a small commercial kitchen where they started selling their protein pucks in local coffee shops within the area and soon became popular with coffee shop customers , health nuts and fitness fanatics that were in need of a snack that was not only nutritious but packed with protein that was vegan as well as gluten free.
Soon after convenience stores, grocery stores and natural food retailers began stocking their shelves with My Protein Pucks. 
Over the years Protein Puck has expanded in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the United States. Protein Puck bars are free from
Dairy Gluten  Trans fats GMO's 
My Protein Pucks are jam packed with fiber and gives you lasting energy 
My Protein Pucks are available in these three delicious flavors…

Payo the Paleo Mayo review

It all began in the summer of 2013 in north carolina with founder of Payo Loren where he was on a quest to make his own version of healthy mayonnaise and it was crazy good! 
So good in fact that he had to spread the word about his wonderful creation which lead him to kickstarter and reached out to others in hopes they'd pass on his paleo mayo creation.
It wasn't until October of 2015 that the first batch ever of Payo was produced and that's how Payo mayo was born ! Ever since going paleo I've missed my love for mayo until I came across Payo's Paleo mayo online.
Mayo is  one condiment you can do so much with whether on sandwiches , burgers , as a dip or in a salad even coleslaw ! 
Payo is made with simple ingredients which you can find below 
 unsweetened virgin macadamia oil  organic free range eggs  Organic lemon juice  Organic vinegar Salt  Organic mustard seed
Payo is also free from gluten and is non GMO 
The makers of Payo don't use omega -6 seed oils like…

CakeTherapy Bakery Paleo baking mixes review

It all began with founder Monica Espinoza at an early age where she started baking for her mother who was diagnosed with diabetes and wanted a more nutritious way to bake for her without sacrificing flavor .
She then got to work in the kitchen trying out all sorts of fun recipes using simple ingredients where she concocted not only healthy baked goods but delicious as well.
Not long after Cake Therapy Bakery was born bringing us healthy baking mixes that are free from 
gluten  dairy  grains corn refined sugars  preservatives  and additives

Cake Therapy Baking mixes are also low glycemic and Paleo friendly .
Cake Therapy baking mixes are made with top notch local, natural and organic ingredients that offer the most delicious dessert without sacrificing texture as well as taste!
Cake Therapy baking mixes come in three delectable flavors to choose from 
Heavenly Spice cake mix  Vanilla cake mix Chocolate cake mix

Monica herself provided me with her lovely cake mixes for review and I co…

The Paleo Cookie Company Review

It all began with two best friends Anna and Sol who both shared a passion for healthy living .
Anna who grew up with her loving parents a mother who was famous for her extraordinarily over the top style of cooking,  and her father who was a well known butcher in Greece .
She learned at an early age through her parents to appreciate the finest quality of foods.
As a child Anna was in awe helping her mother in the kitchen where she used food to express her love by baking all sorts of things for loved ones, friends, and even strangers.
She remembers fondly of going to school with baklava which is a traditional Greek dessert for her teacher.
Anna's family has endured numerous health obstacles which was the main reason for her desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, she gained as much information about health and wellness as possible and has found that food could either heal or kill you.
Even when Anna was growing up she  tried just about healthy lifestyle out there and today she believes…