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#MyIcedCafe Folgers crowdtap experience !

Love the taste of rich and creamy coffee but hate waiting in long lines at your favorite coffee shop?
With the all new Folgers iced cafe there is no waiting in line for coffee!
Whether your at home or on the go all you do is 
•add ice to a glass •Pour  in your favorite milk •give your Folgers iced cafe a squeeze  •give it a stir and enjoy!

Folgers iced cafe comes in these four delicious flavors
Caramel macchiato  Hazelnut latte  Original latte Vanilla latte 
I was selected through Crowdtap for the Folgers iced cafe sampling, I sure love coffee so I couldn't wait to savor their rich and creamy taste! 
So what's Folgers iced cafe?
Folgers iced cafe is a coffee concentrate that you mix into cold milk stir and  enjoy whether your at home or on the go! 
I don't know about you but when I'm sipping on coffee I like it to have a flavor to it whether it's vanilla or hazelnut. There were times when I bought an iced coffee and it lacked in the flavor department to the point …

Paleovalley snacks review

Paleovalley delivers the most nutrient dense as well as healthiest organic food products on the planet, and best of all they are delicious for the whole family to enjoy! 
Paleovalley is devoted to educating as well as researching about the paleo diet to help change the world we live in to make a decision that will change or lives for the better such as eating healthy.  Grass Fed Paleo beef snack sticks
I love beef sticks not only do they offer a great amount of protein they make a great snack after a workout. I've tried all kinds of beef sticks before and some were too chewy,must these were perfect they weren't too spicy which I loved ! 
I made an english muffin pizza and topped it off with some peppers, a little feta cheese and sliced up the beef stick for the pepperoni and it was delicious totally satisfied my pizza craving! 

So What's the difference between Paleovalley beef snack sticks and the other brands? 
✅ they are made with no artificial nitrates or nitrites  ✅mad…

Backtotheroots foods review!

Have you ever wondered where does my food come from? 

It all began inside of a college classroom where the makers of Backtotheroots  founders studied that mushrooms could grow on recycled coffee grounds! After watching countless hours of how-to videos and turning their fraternity kitchen into a humungous science experiment, they made the decision to  give up their corporate job offers to become full-time mushroom farmers. What started as their curiosity for urban farming channeled a love for “undoing food” and reconnecting families to it through fun, delicious and sustainable “ready to grow” and “ready to eat” products and that's when Backtotheroots was born! 
Backtotheroots makes all sorts of products from a water garden, a mushroom farm, garden in a can breakfast foods and more! 
I came across their products online and instantly fell in love with their passion for food from the growing process all the way to the fun part, the eating ! 
Backtotheroots sent me some of their product…