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Schick Hydro Silk Bzz Campaign

Ladies let's get serious.
It's time to talk about razors for a minute!
We all use them and want the cleanest closest shave as possible am I right?

I got to try this razor from Schick through Bzzagent for free.
How awesome is that a free razor!
It came with some coupons and also a shower grip so you can rest the razor on it when your done.
The razor has serum in it so when you shave your legs it's all sticky and I didn't really like it that much.
Yes they feel soft and smooth.
When shaving legs I like to get a nice clean shave where there is no hair left or even razor bumps or cuts.
I was careful not to get cut but noticed stubble the next day!
Are you serious?
Isn't it supposed to last a lot longer than that?
I liked using it and trying out a new product but wasn't too thrilled on it.

OCHO The Organic Candy Bar Review

I was sent this wonderful box of candy bars from OCho Candy to review.
Here's their story!
We all know some kids love candy, but what we don't know is the dangerous ingredients that they put into them upon making them.
Two fathers one Halloween night wondered why they could never find a candy that was good for their children to eat.
Here's the scoop.
They came up with their own invention for candy that was healthy and still delicious as regular candy.
They used all organic ingredients in their candies such as:
Coconut peanut butter milk chocolate dark chocolate vanilla caramel cocoa butter sugar egg whites  etc.
What's not to love? Coconut: Bite into an exotic creamy coconut center bathed in organic dark chocolate.
Thoughts on it:
The first bite I was hooked!
Very tasty and love how it's made from the finest ingredients.
I am a huge fan of chocolate and coconut products especially when it's candy or ice creams!
A delicious mocha nougat center dipped in creamy luscious milk c…

Pretzel Crisps Review

Snacking just got healthier in 2004 thanks to a wonderful company called Pretzel crisps
Their products sailed away into stores in 2006.
fat free low calorie low in salt great on salads great in soups or just right out of the bag!
Snack happy!

I was sent these wonderful delicious and healthy snacks to review.

How adorable is the pretzel crisps reusable bag?!
I love it!
Can't wait to use it when I go shopping!
lightly salted, great flavor and crispy.
You could dip them in anything such as cream cheese, salsa or even crumble them on some soup!
The one snack that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Chipotle Cheddar:
Looking for a cheesy snack with a kick?
Look no further!
Great cheese flavor with just the right amount of spice to it from the chiptole.
Garlic Parmesan:
now this flavor is phenomenal! 
Has just the right amount of garlic taste and love the Parmesan flavor with it! 
I absolutely love this one!
It tastes just like an everything bagel but better because of the pretzel taste!


Candle Voyage Review

Did you know that Candle Voyage handcrafts their own candles?
I had no idea.
You can take a look on their site to see all the different kinds as well. 
OK, let's not get side tracked now.
Here goes my delicious smelling review with you all!
I was so surprised to see this package when I had come home from work one day and started opening the box.
Of course you can tell by the name what's inside of the box.
So I looked inside of the box and saw these carefully wrapped inside.

I then took them out one by one and smelling each one of them to see just how amazing they smelled.
Wow they smelled good enough to eat, no calories or fat yeah!! (LOL)

Heart Shaped: Smells like cinnamon and makes your house smell so good! You could even use it in the kitchen while cooking!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana: This one smells amazing! By far this is my favorite one. I can not put it down or stop lighting it! It just smells that good. With half the fat of regular peanut butter how can you not love it?! I know I do!

Betty Lou's

Betty Lou founder of Betty Lou's Company wanted to make delicious and healthy snacks that you could eat and feel your best at.
How did she do it?
She removed refined sugars in her families diet and came up with recipes with honey and brown rice syrup.
Gluten free healthier choices  soy free vegan low fat hormone free high protein barley free corn free certified organic
Nut Butter Balls:

Nut Butter Coconut Macadamia: 
What can I say about this delicious snack?
Let's see, what's not to love when almond butter is rolled in coconut?
It's sweet, creamy and so good especially when you want something sweet.
Fruit Bars:


Apple Cinnamon:

Wow it's amazing!
Loved the sweetness of the cinnamon along with the apples, insane how it tasted just like an apple pie!
Not even kidding!
It was that good, I wanted to add some ice cream to it!


Just Great Stuff Bars:

Organic Chocolate Dream Greens:

(Ate before I could take a picture) 
I was a bit skeptical about having a bar that…

Karma Waters

I was sent these wonderful waters for a review from a company called Karma wellness water.
Each one of their waters five to be exact have their own unique positive twist to them enhancing the mind, body, spirit, vitality and balance. 
K, so what is Karma Wellness Water ?
You've probably heard the saying what goes around comes around right?
When your drinking Karma all it is are vitamins! Yes ladies and gents I said vitamins!
With a quick push of the cap the vitamins (power substance) is then released into the water.
With just a shimmy shake you will have deliciously satisfying water right at your fingertips.
This is a great drink for on the go, at the gym or even at  work!

I will tell you a little bit about each flavor as well.

Pineapple Coconut (Vitality):

This morning I grabbed the bottle and took it to work with me because I love Coconut/pineapple flavored drinks especially waters!
Anyways when I got thirsty I peeled off the tab then pushed down the cap and voila vitamins were released in…

Willamette Valley Granola Chips

I was sent these wonderful Granola chips to review, so first off I will tell you all about them!
They are a crispy whole grain snack that's made up of oats, barley, amaranth and quiona.
Did I mention that they are bite sized?
The perfect snack!
You can sprinkle some of them onto ice cream as a topping or on yogurt!
They are new and come in only a few flavors.
Hoping they make more flavors soon because they are really good!
The flavors:
Fruity, sweet and nutty!
Butter Pecan: Wow what can I say?
I tried this flavor first when I got these.
My mom and I dug right in and were blown away.
They are crunchy, sweet and taste just like an unhealthy dessert but better!
I love that they are bite sized and you can add them to practically anything. 
Facts: Good source of fiber Great for snacking low in fat and calories 
Honey nut:
Vanilla Bean:
Wild berry:
These are addicting!
You need to check them out, you won't be disappointed. 
Check them out now on these webpages!…

Purex Crystals for Baby Review and Giveaway!

Winners are Donna, Maggie and Michele!
More giveaways to come!
Hang tight! 

Being a Purex Insider I was sent another great item to review and share with all of you.
This time I was sent Purex Crystals For Baby.
You add this to your laundry along with detergent.
This product is the newest member of the Purex crystals family and produced with your baby's gentle skin in mind.
This detergent is outstanding!
Not only does it add freshness to your baby's laundry it is dye free, hypoallergenic, safe on all clothing such as sleepwear.

You know how some detergents have a powerful scent to them, well not this one!
I wanted to see what it smelled like so I carefully twisted the cap off and took a sniff.
Wow I was amazed at how good it smelled!
To me it smells just like baby powder.
I then did a load of laundry and was even more amazed at how soft the laundry was with the added freshness.
This product is absolutely amazing!
I am so glad I got to try this and now you can too!
Giveaway! 1.What do you look f…

Squishy Snak Pak Review and Giveaway

The winner is Jessica!! 

Tired of wasting your money on those drinkable baby food pouches for your toddlers?
Squishy Snak pak is a reusable baby food pouch that you can wash and reuse.
Just open the bottom of the pouch and fill it up with the food or even yogurt, and the best thing it's resealable!

No mess at all!

You can use them for anything!
They even offer recipes right on their site!

These pouches are easy to use, creative designs on packaging and colorful.

 BPA free,  holds 1/2 of your very own creations, has a choke proof cap
 you can use it on the go and has great freezer storage capacity!
fill from bottom squish out from the top!
Want to check them out?
Find them here!
Guess what time it is, Drum Roll Please...... you guessed it!

Giveaway Time:

1. What's your child's favorite healthy snack?

Want an extra entry? 

2. Follow my blog.

3.Then also f…