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Band Aid perk!

I am always on my feet whether it's taking a walk, working out or at work. My feet won’t have to suffer for style once I get my #BandAidBrand Advanced Healing Blister Cushions Klout Perk!

Glade Expressions Collections Bzzagent Campaign

I love to have the house smelling wonderful especially when guests are arriving. It keeps people guessing if you were baking all day. With the New Glade Expressions Collection the house is definitely going to be smelling wonderful! I have always loved Glade products. They last long, smell awesome, and they come in all sorts of varieties from candles to room sprays! Try one today with this valuable coupon!

They fit!!

I tried on a pair of Capri pants today that haven't ever fit me and surprisingly they do now!!  I know that I can't stop now with my weight loss success I have to keep going!

Get Un junked

A little skeptical at first because how can candy be good for you?! Especially when eating right. So I had seen an offer from CVS offering a coupon for a free bar. My mother and I went to the store and bought one! The one we chose was the nougat with caramel. It tasted just like a 3 Muskateers but better! I can't believe how good this candy is! It's delicious! The good thing is it's much better for us. It's sweet, chocolaty and amazing!