Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I received the Sally Hansen Salon nail effects courtesy of @influenster to test and review.

First off let me tell you exactly what they are. They are nail polish strips to accessorize your nails so you don't have to paint them yourself like we do with regular nail polish.

The fun thing is that they are all different colors, designs and so easy!

So if you have an event to go to and don't feel like going to the salon or painting your own nails then this is the way to go.

It's quick and easy with nail effects because there is no dry time needed and ladies you got to love it because it doesn't chip!

Just strip them off put them on your nail and file it down.

The best part is they last up to 10 whole days and you can also remove them with nail polish remover. Over 40+ styles to choose from how awesome is that??!!


They offer them in drugstores, grocery stores and even mass merchandisers.

The retail price for them is $9.99

Check them out on their website over @


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