Niagra Spray Starch Influenster VoxBox

Say Goodbye to wrinkles and hello to fresh pressed crisp linens with Niagra Spray Starch! Ironing just got easier with it's Durafresh fabric refreshment technology in Niagra Spray Starch that offers a wrinkle free finish with easy glide you'd think it was done at the cleaners!

I don't know how many times I've strolled around with my clothing especially shirts full of wrinkles but now I don't have to because I received Niagra Spray Starch for ironing through Influenster for testing purposes and showed them who is boss! 

Niagra Spray Starch can be used on light-weight fabrics such as wool and even cotton to provide a soft yet wrinkle free finish like no other starch!

It can also be used on all washable fabrics but not on ones labeled "dry clean only". 

When using Niagra Spray Starch align red dots on both the button and can give a shimmy shake before each use.

Use either the dry iron or steam at the recommended fabric setting you desire.

Hold the can as shown on the bottle to empty contents by holding it 6 to 10 inches from the fabric then spray the entire garment very gently and evenly.

If item is still stiff spritz away and iron again until you get that crisp pressed clean finish.

To prevent clogging of Niagra after each use remove the button then rinse in warm water and replace the button by aligning the dots.

To prevent flaking allow the starch to penetrate the fabric before ironing if the temperature of the iron isn't set right it will cause flaking, scorching or even sticking.

Niagra Spray Starch is available in

  • Niagra Spray Starch Heavy Lemon
  • Niagra Spray Starch Plus Original
  • Niagra Biodegradable Non-Aerosol Spray Starch Original Lavender 
  • Niagra Premium Spray Starch
  • Niagra Fabric Finish Spray Sizing
  • Niagra Biodegradable Non-Aerosol Spray Starch Original 

I absolutely loved that pressed crisp feel that Niagra Spray Starch gave my clothing it was free from wrinkles and made ironing much easier!

Get Pressin with Niagra and say goodbye to wrinkles today!





I received no compensation for this post but was provided with a sample of Niagra Spray Starch to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.


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