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Annmarie Skincare Antioxidant Lip Balm

It all began with two well known video bloggers when asked what they used as a kin care product. 

They found the solution to good skin care  inside of their own cabinets one day creating a healthier product with a blend of natural and organic ingredients after trying out many of those other brand names on the market but were shocked when they didn't work so Annmarie and Kevin created their very own line of skin care products.

They got to work and began searching for skin care duplicators but realized that the ingredients added weren't added to the packaging labels.

Then Annmarie met Bunnie , an environment-friendly chemist and the rest was history bringing together a line of pure, natural and organic products Annmarie Gianni Skin Care was born!

Later on in 2011 both Kevin and Annmarie were on a mission to create staff to help spread the word like wildfire about their line of products.

I have tried all kinds of wonderful products from Annmarie Skincare and loved them not only becaus…

Grassfed SogoSnacks meat sticks!

It all began with Dan Bellrichard Founder of Sogosnacks  which is a family owned business in the picturesque town of Decorah, IA with a population of 8,000 that's encompassed by farmland and bluffs making it a popular area for living the simple life and for it's organic food production.

Sogosnacks are a healthier meat stick that's not only packed with protein but great flavor as well.

The name Sogo was developed in the early years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa where the name Sogo means "meat" in the Bambara language which is a language Dan acquired throughout his daily work.

The tree on the Sogosnacks packaging is the outline of a Baobob tree which can be found throughout West Africa and Mali, the leaves from the trees are then tossed into a sauce for the primary meal known as To.

Sogosnacks company was born in August of 2016 whereas the development of the business was built through careers and journeys throughout 15 years.

Dan left a large corporati…

Leaner Creamer

Leaner Creamer is a coffee creamer company that is owned by family in the heart of Los Angeles, California to provide the world with not only a healthier option to creamers but one that is deliciously creamy in each cup of coffee without any chemicals or high in fat like those other brands.
It all began when Jonathon Co-Founder of Leaner Creamer realized his co-workers pouring endless amounts of Coffee-Mate into their morning and afternoon cups of Joe along with their desk side snacks and or treats like Oreo's and Flaming Hot Cheeto's to name a few.
Then a lightbulb went off in his mind and thought up of a brilliant idea to create a creamer for coffee that was free from artificial flavors, colors, Hydrogenated Soybean Oils and High Fructose Corn Syrup Solids which has been known to cause you to appear hungrier leading to snacking a lot more.
Jonathon then took his expertise in Biology from UCLA where he then paired it with his legal research background from Law School and concoc…

Hello Soothing Mint Fluoride Toothpaste for Sensitivity Relief

It all began with the desire to not only make the world a friendlier place but your mouth as well with Hello Products which is an independently owned company that provides us and our mouths with toothpaste made with limited ingredients that are so tantalizing that you can't wait to clean your teeth with!
Craig Dubitsky  was a genius coming up with the Hello brand who also cofounded EOS lip balm products, was the CMO of Popcorn Indiana and SVP of Venture at Simon Property Group which took him to the initial investment in Method  Products where he was a board member from 2001 to 2004.
As Craig himself strolled down the oral care aisles he was taken aback by the other brands and how they treated our mouths as a war zone when pointing out ways to fight odors, germs, bacteria which then made him come up with the idea of developing his own brand of oral care products that we could feel good about, that were friendly to both our mouths and health, and that is how Hello Products was born!

LowKalz Protein Bar Review & Giveaway !

LowKalz is a monthly subscription box service that delivers an assortment of 5, 10, 15, or 25 drinks and even snacks that are low in calories .
LowKalz products are not only low in calories but free from gluten, preservatives as well and are made with only natural sugars.
Since they don't require any preservatives they should be refrigerated which maintains freshness.

Lowkalz themselves reached out to me via email about their new protein bars to sample and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into these soft baked babies!
LowKalz protein bars are available in
Banana ChocolateTropical BlueberryApple Cranberry How could you resist a deliciously healthy protein bar that resembles a muffin ?
LowKalz protein bars tastes like a bite out of heaven seriously they are oh so soft not gummy like those other bars I've tried !

Banana Chocolate : Made with almond flour, whey protein powder, bananas, banana powder, ground cinnamon, pure vanilla extract, banana extract, baking powder, semiswe…

Niagra Spray Starch Influenster VoxBox

Say Goodbye to wrinkles and hello to fresh pressed crisp linens with Niagra Spray Starch! Ironing just got easier with it's Durafresh fabric refreshment technology in Niagra Spray Starch that offers a wrinkle free finish with easy glide you'd think it was done at the cleaners!
I don't know how many times I've strolled around with my clothing especially shirts full of wrinkles but now I don't have to because I received Niagra Spray Starch for ironing through Influenster for testing purposes and showed them who is boss! 

Niagra Spray Starch can be used on light-weight fabrics such as wool and even cotton to provide a soft yet wrinkle free finish like no other starch!
It can also be used on all washable fabrics but not on ones labeled "dry clean only". 
When using Niagra Spray Starch align red dots on both the button and can give a shimmy shake before each use.
Use either the dry iron or steam at the recommended fabric setting you desire.
Hold the can as shown on …

Redmond Life Simple.Clean & Real

Redmond has a strong belief that when it comes around to people, natural foods, or even personal care products that nature has got it covered.
Over at Redmond they stand behind their belief 100% and feel passionate about improving lives of others with one product at a time.
Each product that Redmond has to offer is made with a limited amount of ingredients that isn't a one up.
Their natural foods offer impeccable flavor and their personal care products work well being simple, clean and real to say the least.
I had the pleasure of trying out Redmond Life products myself and here is what I received.
Redmond's Earthpaste contains Ph polisher found in nature that not only cleans your teeth but whitens as well without any chemicals, fluoride, coloring, additives, Glycerin or SLS.
Earthpaste is available in
Spearmint Peppermint Lemon Twist Cinnamon Wintergreen I had the pleasure of trying Earthpaste in Peppermint and Lemon Twist and have used it for quite sometime now and have fal…

Drink Maple Pure MapleWater

During the cold winter months sap from maple trees gather nutrients from soil and when Spring approaches the sap begins to drizzle being bottled at the source straight from the trees themselves.
During the process no trees are harmed, they grow on farms and are tapped routinely to allow years of sustainable water supply that offers a crisp, refreshing slightly sweetness!
Maple Water believes that the greatest laboratory on earth is a tree that is untouched, unspoiled, and the sap is not boiled .

Just recently I won a giveaway on Instagram for MapleWater and This Pie Is Nut Granola.
While in Boston at the WholeFoods Symphony market I had the pleasure of trying a sample of MapleWater and got to talking with the woman who was handing out samples which was very friendly and told me some interesting information about it like that it's not overly sweet like maple syrup is.
MapleWater Facts

MapleWater is a great source of CalciumDairy-FreeGluten-FreeNon-GMOHigh in Magnese which is a powerful …

Kyle's Farmstead Small Batch Mayonnaise

Kyle's Small batch Farmstead Mayonnaise based in Texas is sourced from the finest of ingredients organic eggs from hens on pasture, Non-GMO , expeller-pressed sunflower oil and sprinkled with French grey sea salt to taste. 
What makes Kyle's Mayonnaise so unique and sets them apart from those other mayo brands is not only their ingredients but that it's much more lighter and tastier plus it's healthier !
Kyle's small batch Mayonnaise is made from 
Organic Eggs from the hens on the pasture With Hens on pasture they spend the majority of the time outdoors where they are allowed to frolic, peck, and rummage to get their dose of nutrients that make them not only healthy but happy birds that provide an egg that's rich in nutrients , low in cholesterol, and high in vitamins.  Expeller Pressed High-Oleic Sunflower OilHi-Oleic Sunflower oil is high in monounsaturated fat and rather low in polyunsaturated fat having 0 grams of trans fats. Mono is known for it's shelf st…

Ketogenic & Paleo Brownie

It all began with Nick Founder of KetoBrownie who concocted the recipe for his KetoBrownies in October of 2016.
Nick is no stranger to the Keto Diet in fact he's used many times but fell short with Keto-Friendly snacks so he browsed the internet to look for desserts that shared the Ketogenic macros he was in need of with a high fat content, moderate protein and low in carbs which was only a disappointment so he created the ideal KetoBrownie where he then compiled a list of high fat and low carb ingredients that would pair well together for the taste of brownies we all know and love that chewy consistency and rich buttery chocolate flavor.
So he ended up at his local grocery store and then started baking recipes for weeks until he nailed the perfect brownie like consistency but that was healthy, paleo-friendly and made without any GMO's, Sugar Alcohols and is Gluten Free!
When it comes to snacking I want a snack that is not only healthy but delicious and is convenient when on the …