Beauty Blogger Vox Box! I

Since I have a Blog and I talk about Beauty Products I was selected for a Beauty Blogger Vox Box from Influenster for testing purposes only. I love this box it came with some great stuff to test! 

I love the smell of the candle especially for this time of the year being Fall and all, it's called Cider Lane. It smells just like Apple Cider. During the Fall/Winter months my skin gets very dry and in the box came some face cream which is great! 

Who hates when their hair is in their face? Now you can pull it back with the all new spin spin from Goody! Having a long day and running out of energy? Try Eboost,all you do is mix it with water and go!

 Eye shadow color not right for you? These shades are perfect from N.Y.C. they aren't too dark or too light and make you look fabulous. Looking to spice up your night on the town? 

Then try these faux eyelashes, to make your eyes stand out! Hair not always styling the way it should,when you want it to? Try Not your mom's kinky moves hair lotion it smells wonderful and relaxes your hair giving it that extra shine!


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