#MyIcedCafe Folgers crowdtap experience !

Love the taste of rich and creamy coffee but hate waiting in long lines at your favorite coffee shop?

With the all new Folgers iced cafe there is no waiting in line for coffee!

Whether your at home or on the go all you do is 

•add ice to a glass
•Pour  in your favorite milk
•give your Folgers iced cafe a squeeze 
•give it a stir and enjoy!

Folgers iced cafe comes in these four delicious flavors

Caramel macchiato 
Hazelnut latte 
Original latte
Vanilla latte 

I was selected through Crowdtap for the Folgers iced cafe sampling, I sure love coffee so I couldn't wait to savor their rich and creamy taste! 

So what's Folgers iced cafe?

Folgers iced cafe is a coffee concentrate that you mix into cold milk stir and 
enjoy whether your at home or on the go! 

I don't know about you but when I'm sipping on coffee I like it to have a flavor to it whether it's vanilla or hazelnut. There were times when I bought an iced coffee and it lacked in the flavor department to the point where it tasted like watered down coffee. Not only is the best part of waking up having Folgers in your cup but making your coffee just the way you like it with the iced cafe!

Here are the flavors I was sent to try out.

Vanilla latte:

One of my all time favorite coffee drinks  was a frappe you know the kind with the whipped cream on top with a caramel or chocolate drizzle. Seriously to die for they were so good! Before I gathered all of the ingredients I took out a mason jar and drizzled the vanilla latte around the inside of the glass like how they do in fancy coffee shops with chocolate or caramel and popped it into the freezer for a bit. As the glass was in the freezer chilling  I added some unsweetened cashew milk in the blender along with some ice and arctic zero chocolate ice cream along with some chocolate chips and a drizzle of the folgers vanilla latte and put the cover on and gave it a whirl until frappe consistency then grabbed the jar from the freezer and carefully poured the frappe into the glass. Without whipped topping it wouldn't be a deliciously creamy frappe so I topped it off with some truwhip and the rest of the chocolate chips that I had measured out. For the finishing touch on the truwhip  I added some more vanilla latte because why not its coffee!

Hazelnut latte:

The weather was so warm in fact that I needed a drink to cool down with and what better way to cool off than sipping on a rich and creamy nutty latte in Boston's Public Garden on such a beautiful day.

Original latte:

Did you know that Folgers iced cafe makes for a great dessert topping as well? I added a squirt into some of my favorite chocolate ice cream, it was a tad bit strong so I mixed it and got mocha ice cream! So creamy and delicious bursting with that bold coffee flavor that I just can't seem to get enough of. 

The Folgers brand provided me with samples to review for testing purposes only, however all opinions expressed here are my own.  

Go on and treat yourself today with Folgers new iced cafe, you deserve it! 





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