Honey Acres Review

It all began with Christian Friedrich Diehnelt the year 1852 who shared a passion for beekeeping in Rosswein Germany who later brought it all the way to Wisconsin.

Christian fell in love with the atmosphere in Wisconsin from the fresh clovers and beautiful wildflowers so Breathtaking and sweet smelling which landed a delicious honey!

Christian passed down his area of expertise to his son August where he soon realized just how much work goes into making honey.

Honey Acres offers a variety of products that are made with their honey .

Honey Acres products are free from

●added sugars

Honey Acres products include

☆Dark Chocolate honey truffles
☆Honey straws
☆honey mustards

Honey is a great substitute to add a touch of sweetness to tea and even baked goods .

I was provided with samples of Honey Acres products to review and I couldn't wait to try them especially those chocolate truffles!

I absolutely love chocolate truffles especially mint I stock up on them all the time when I'm in trader Joe's they are my favorite sweet so decadent,  creamy, with the bittersweet dark chocolate amd cool mint sensation!

I was sent these following products from Honey Acres.

Hot Honey Mustard:
The perfect blend of heat with a touch of sweetness from the honey!  This mustard is the perfect dip for pretzels you know like the kind from auntie Annes at the mall with the speckles of salt on top!

Honey Dill mustard:
Loved the aromatic flavor from the dill along with the sweet honey it flavored the mustard perfectly
being a great sandwich spread!

Honey Straws:

Orange: loved the fruity burst of orange with the honey it was unique and delicious

Sweet honey with a twist of lemon makes the most tastiest blueberry muffins

Chocolate mint:
Sweet honey paired with a creamy chocolate and minty sensation

Clover honey:
Sweet, sticky floral honey pairs perfectly with cheese and fruit for a fruity snack  

Dark Chocolate Honey Truffles :

Dark Chocolate honey mint:
Refreshing cool mint with sweet luscious honey coated in decadent dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate honey orange:
Chocolate and orange pair perfectly well together but add a touch of honey and you've got one delightful treat!  I loved the creamy chocolate and the sweet honey with the burst of orange it was one of the most tastiest honey truffles I've ever had!

Dark Chocolate honey cocoa :
Sweet, creamy bittersweet chocolate with the most luscious center of honey and cocoa enrobed in rich dark chocolate!

I loved sampling each Honey Acres product their honey Straws reminded me of my childhood they were just like I remembered so sweet as well as delicious .

The chocolate truffles were melt in your mouth delicious with unique flavors like chocolate orange and cocoa they were full of flavor and unlike any other honey pattie I've tried.

The mustards were the perfect spread for sandwiches that gave them phenomenal flavor !

Look for Honey Acres products at a store nearest you! 








Disclosure :
I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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