Wellness Bakeries Glutenfree & Grain Free baking mixes Review

With Wellness Bakeries you can have your cake and be well too !

Jon and Kelly Herring started Wellness Bakeries in 2006 with gluten and grain free baking mixes that are low glycemic without ever sacrificing flavor and texture due to their expertise in nutritional biochemistry, health research and recipe development they conjured up recipes with simple ingredients that were high in protein, fiber and antioxidants. 

Wellness bakeries uses only the finest of ingredients in their mixes without any

the proper ingredients they whipped up treats that were not just healthy but tasted good as well. 

It took them over a year to perfect their chocolate cake with the right amount of sweetness and moist texture. 

Behold their chocolate Bliss Cake!

It's creamy, it's sweet, it's chocolaty and hello it's cake! 

Wellness Bakeries chocolate Bliss Cake become so popular that people from around the country started ordering it as a special treat and I can understand why too it tastes just like a cake that you'd get at a fancy restaurant I mean look at that rich thick chocolate Ganache frosting yum!

What started as a small business by husband Jon and wife Kelly Herring in Delray beach Florida blossomed into a growing company that lead them to pack up and move to Wasatch Utah where they set up shop in 2013 and expanded their line of gluten free grain free baking mixes. 

Wellness Bakeries offers a wide range of products to choose from and to name a few

●Better Brownies
●Better Bread 
●Crusty Boule 
● Chocolate Bliss cake
●Paleo Pizza Crust 
●Sinless cinnamon rolls 
●blueberry muffins 
●ice cream starters 
●drinking chocolate 
 & much more!!

Jon and Kelly were more than kind enough and provided me with some of their products to review and here is what I received to sample .

Paleo Pizza Crust:
Ah pizza we meet again it's been far too long since you've been gone so much so that I've missed your crispy crust and drool worthy toppings! 

Even though it took time to prepare this pizza because you have to let the dough rise then bake it for a few then take it out of the oven and layer on toppings. It was so worth it in the end I kid you not! I added a layer of bbq sauce and sprinkled on some onions, peppers, olives and added chunks of bbq chicken to top it off and my was it good it was crispy, slightly sweet and so good! 

Chocolate Bliss Cake:
Pure Bliss is right and I'm not saying that because it's chocolate OK I am! This cake was amazingly delicious it was moist,  decadent and the perfect way to celebrate my birthday with the thick chocolate Ganache frosting on top!

Better Bread Mix:
I've tried all sorts of gluten free breads some offered a dry like consistency and weren't flavorful whereas this one delivered a fluffy soft texture and made great sandwiches. 
Here we have a BBQ chicken sandwich with cool and creamy ranch dressing to balance out the smokiness from the bbq sauce on the bread with crunchy celery and plantain chips making one heck of dinner on memorial day!

Crusty Boule mix :
 Check out those buns with crunchy pumpkin seeds! 
This bread mix is fantastic it offered the right amount of sweetness with crispy crust and was perfect for soup or any side salad even as hamburger buns! 

Blueberry muffin mix:
Just look how beautiful those chunks of juicy blueberries are! These muffins were so moist and I loved how there were Plump blueberries in each flaky bite so sweet, juicy and delicious! 

I enjoyed baking with Wellness Bakeries mixes they were easy to use, provided great texture and flavor each one delicious in their own special way. 





Disclosure :
I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own. 


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