Zuke's Crunchy Naturals Peanut Butter & Banana Dog Treats Pinchme Sample

It all began with Patrick founder of Zuke's all-natural dog food and treats when him and his beloved Chocolate Lab Zuke went hiking where he split his energy bar with him to energize so they could continue on with their hike.

It was then when Patrick realized that dogs are just like us humans where they need healthy yet satisfying treats to keep them moving so he started making dog treats that are both rich in nutrients and some of the earth's finest ingredients.

To this day Zuke's is passionate about concocting healthy, natural dog treats and supplements where they are a team located in the picturesque mountain town of Durango.

I believe in Zuke's belief in their own words 

"We believe that what's good for humans, is good for pets. And our dogs have taught us that when you get healthier, you feel happier. Living that healthy life together is what keeps us going. From a visit to the dog park, to a stroll around the block, to a hike in the mountains, we believe"You can find adventure anywhere".

I received a sample of Zuke's Crunchy Naturals Dog Treats that is baked with peanut butter and banana s through Pinchme. 

Zuke's Crunchy Naturals dog treat in peanut butter and banana flavor does not contain any 

•Artificial Preservatives 
•Artificial Colors

Zuke's Crunchy Naturals Peanut Butter and banana dog treat is made with

•Pearled Barley
•Rice Bran
•Peanut Butter
•oat hulls (source of fiber)
•cane molasses
• coconut oil
• natural flavor
•mixed tocopherols(preservative)
•rosemary extract 

Zuke's Crunchy Naturals peanut butter and banana dog treat can be fed either by sharing that special bong between a two legged and four legged friend , as a tasty treat even on journeys through the good Ol outdoors. Make sure to provide adequate fresh water daily in a clean container and to see your pets vet regularly .

When it comes to rewarding your pup it's key to offer them the right sized treat with Zuke's Crunchy Peanut Butter and banana treats that contains 10 calories it's perfect for dogs who are a medium to large size build when rewarding them with a treat.

Zuke's Crunchy Peanut Butter and banana dog treat is made up of bananas, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, wholefood berries and peanut butter that is chock full of vitamins and minerals along with protein.

My dog Jack and I share a special bond each morning we head outdoors and go for a walk to get some fresh air when it comes to his food I want to offer him nothing but the best especially treats which he loves !

When he received a sample of Zuke's crunchy dog treats from pinchme he went crazy sniffing the package and
Clawing at it saying peanut butter and banana my favorite in dog terms woof woof woof. 

When I gave him the Zuke's peanut butter and Banana dog treat he chomped away gobbling them right up!

When he does that I know he loves them which makes me happy too!

Zuke's Dog Treats are also available in

•Mini Naturals
•Tiny Naturals
•Puppy Naturals
•Crunchy Naturals 2s
•Crunchy Naturals 5s
•Crunchy Naturals 10s
•PureNZ Bites
•PureNZ Cords
•PureNZ Cuts
•PureNZ Steaks
•Jerky Natural Bites
•Lil' Links
•Power Bones
•Hip Action
•Z-Bone Dental Chew
•Superfood Blend   

Live Life Off Leash with Zuke's all natural dog food and treats !






I received no compensation for this post but was provided with a sample of Zuke's dog treats to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.


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