Clean With Care: Do laundry with I Love Tangie Laundry Paste!

It all began with Angie founder of Tangie who had suffered from sensitivities to numerous store brand products.

After realizing that ingredients within those products could be the cause she concocted her very own recipes for both household and body products which began with vinegar as the base and water to clean her windows.

She then read about petroleum-based products which she realized she didn't want to wear everyday, yuck!

Laundry soap was next where she found one straight from the net which was a mixture of Borax, Washing Soda, and Fels Naptha Soap which at the time was a popular way to make so called all natural laundry soap which she believed.

Then one day a more natural ingredient piqued her interest good ol yucca root, hazelnuts and soap nuts !

If you've never heard of doing your laundry with nuts and berries then think again for 1,000's of years before us they did!

Angie was interested and began researching about ingredients and history which she chose a path to recreate her laundry ingredients after she stumbled upon her findings the library and internet had to offer.

Her husband would wash and she would reformulate her concoction until one day she got it just right without any borax, washing soda or Fels Naptha.

Tangie laundry paste is the most environment friendly detergent on the market because there is no disposing plastic containers or pollutants!

So stop treading the earth with plastic bottles and do laundry with Tangie's paste !

I Love Tangie is a homemade based soap derived from plants that contains no dyes, phosphates, or optical brighteners.

With Tangie's Laundry paste it's simple all you do is dispense the paste into an 8oz bottle with 6oz of water and by the next morning you will have 6oz of laundry soap ! It works like magic!

Got stinky workout clothes or outdoor clothes for a large load? If so then use one ounce of the soap and in no time at all it will be smelling fresh and crisp just like new!

During the diluting process there is no stirring required the paste will dissolve on it's own within a couple of hours.

Add hot water to accelerate dilution.

You can dilute in any container of your choice.

Use two tablespoons for a 1oz load and half oz for a regular load ; 1-2 oz. for large or heavily soiled load.

Use a shot glass preferably for measuring the laundry soap the ingredients will settle between uses so make sure to stir or shake the container before each usage.

I Love Tangie products include

  • Tangie Laundry Paste
  • Tangie Stain Remover Bar
  • Tangie Shave Cream Soap Bar

What I love about Tangie's Laundry Paste is the fact that there is no plastic bottle you reuse the same container and it's diluted making it enough for 6-12 loads of laundry! Plus it didn't irritate my skin like other detergents have in the past.

It's grey water and septic safe, fragrance
Safe and safe for sensitive skin types.

So stop polluting the earth with all those plastic jugs and clean with care today with ILoveTangie laundry paste!

Disclosure :

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with a free sample of ILoveTangie laundry paste to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.








  1. Thank you for using our Laundry Paste and sharing with others. There are ways to reduce disposable plastic bottle waste and starting in the laundry room is an easy step. #reducingabillionbottles


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