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MehretBar the best tasting energy bar you've ever eaten !

It all began with husband and wife John and Gigi Marsh when they grew tired of those so called healthy energy bars on the market where they long only lacked in nutrients but taste as well plus the protein bars were high in sugar which caused you to spike and then crash.

John being the chef that he is got to work in the kitchen driven to create an snack/energy bar that was rich in nutrients , provided long lasting energy and tasted good and that is how Mehret Bar was born!

Mehretbars are

•High in Protein
•Wheat Free
•Gluten Free
•High Fiber
•Soy Free
•Raw (never heated above 95 Degrees)
•Made by hand

MehretBars are made with a luscious Dark Chocolate , sweet  nutty coconut and tart pomegranate

Mehretbard are free from

•Processed artificial ingredients

Everyone loved Mehretbars as they are a popular snack for athletes, parents being that it's a healthier option to sugary snacks plus it's easy to digest without any GI issues it gives you energy that lasts.

Here's what goes into a Mehretbar

Organic Dark Chocolate:

Flavonoids in dark chocolate are naturally occurring antioxidants with  effects that are beneficial to the cardiovascular system which helps protect against free radicals allowing blood pressure to relax. Eating small amounts of dark chocolate daily will help reduce blood pressure along with LDL cholesterol and will also stimulate the endorphin production .

Raw Organic Nuts & Seeds:

Mehretbar nuts and seeds are soaked during the shelling process where digestion and absorption of nutrients are improved by the soaking of the nuts and seeds.

Organic Coconut:

Coconuts are rich in nutrients as well
as fiber, vitamins and minerals. Being that it offers numerous health benefits it's labeled as a functional food that goes above and beyond it's nutritional content.

Coconuts has been proven to help treat many health problems such as it kills bacteria, fungi and yeasts, plus it supports the immune system, boosts energy, endurance and reduces inflammation . It also helps protect the body against any harmful free radicals that aid in premature aging and degenerative disease.

Organic Whey Protein:

Whey Protein is a great protein of choice for anybody that is passionate about a healthy diet. Whey protein isolate which is used in mehretbars is the cleanest form available which is a viable source of essential amino acids that are optional for a healthy daily diet. Essential amino acids are the component to helping build not only healthy muscles but skin, nails and other body tissue as well. Whey Protein is known as the "Gold Standard" of protein for determined athletes that need more protein in their diet to help maintain and create a lean, strong and toned body.

Organic Pomegranate :

Rich in Antioxidants which is crucial in our diet. Pomegranates have numerous health benefits being known as a super fruity that is beneficial in anti-aging, weight loss and it's prevention of heart disease. They are rich in vitamin C , Vitamin B3, B6, B12 and E. the nutrients found in pomegranate will provide you with a boost of energy that will last throughout the day.

Vegan Protein:

Recently Organic Vegan Sprout Protein Pomegranate has become known for being high in antioxidants which is important for our diet as it's rich in vitamin C , vitamin B3,  B6, B12 and E since it gives you energy that lasts.


Himalayan pink salt is chosen over table salt as it's lower in sodium. When you add a smidgen of
Pink salt to drinks and or meals it helps the body achieve optimal fluid balance and prevents hydration .

John himself provided me Mehretbars to review and being that I just got back into workout out I couldn't wait to bite into them after my workouts !

I loved Mehret bars they were not only packed with protein and healthy ingredients they tasted good too which is a huge plus!

I loved the taste and texture of both bars one was smooth, chewy and creamy whereas the other one was crispy, sweet with crunchy nuts enrobed in dark chocolate !

Biting into a Mehretbar you are greeted by luscious decadent dark chocolate sweet coconut , tangy pomegranate and crunchy nuts that is so delicious you won't even believe that it's healthy !




I received no compensation for this post but was provided with samples of Mehretbars to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.


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