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It all began with Jeanie McClymont when she worked at Gold Coast Health Food Store where the customers were in search for a breakfast mix and she'd tell them this is a "goodmix".

Not long after "GoodMix" sales were flying off the shleves where Jeanie's partner Muay Thai fighter and personal trainer Brad Hull had inspired her to set up shop at a local farmers market.

Jeanie began each weekend for 3 years starting her day at 3 am to prepare her ingredients for her "goodmix" just in time to get to the early morning farmer's markets not to mention those late night preparations of mixing and bagging those said ingredients for the next market.

Since then GoodMix has blossomed, under the watchful eye of General Manager Jonathan , into an honored name in the Darwinian Australian health food industry.

Jeanie's friends and family eat goodmix daily, as her brother Andrew did while his girlfriend Rania was packing up for Vermont to a University Via Scholarship.

While Ranie was preparing her belongings to head to the U.S.A. Andrew thought...What could he do in Vermont?

Goodmix was thriving in Australia which got Andrew thinking. With each passing day the idea grew and he thought it was worth a shot so he leaped and up and left his job as a helicopter pilot and launched into GoodMix!

He thought Australian's loved it so American's might too!

It took months of research along working under strict guidance of the team in Australia, Blend 11; the original "GoodMix" is now available at select farmers markets in Vermont and online as well!

Good Mix food products include

  • Organic Black Chia Seeds
  • Blend 11
  • Neoblend (Paleo)   

Andrew himself provided me with both their Neo Blend and Blend 11 mix to try out!

made with Coconut *,Chia Seeds,*Flax Seeds, *Pepitas,*Black Sesame Seeds,*almonds.*dried cranberries, dried apple,*dried apricot,*macadamia nuts*,Brasil nuts,*Goji Berries*  *Certified Organic Ingredient 

This mix is a fruitier yet more nuttier blend than their Blend 11 .
Neo Blend is great for digestive function and gut health along with nutritional benefits that are similar but completely grain free. Like the Blend 11 you must activate overnight. 

What I loved about the NeoBlend was the nutritional benefits for starters and it's versatility being a wonderful topping for yogurt, smoothies and much more! What I liked was the combination of the crunchy nuts, tartness of dried fruits and the mix of seeds!

Blend 11:
made with chia seeds*, buckwheat,*pumpkin seeds,*sliced almonds,*flax seeds,*coconut*,raw cacao nibs,*Goji berries*,puffed millet and puffed amaranth 

*Certified Organic ingredient

Blend 11 is made up of 11 ingredients with a wide range of prebiotic fiber that helps promote diversity in our gut flora. 

Blend 11 is a nutrient dense mix of 11 super foods have been chosen for their mineral and nutritional properties (high protein, omega-3 and antioxidants).

Blend 11 can be used to add a boost of protein to anything from shakes, smoothies, dessert or even breakfast to keep you going, literally.

LowFodMap Certified

Being that I am on the Paleo Diet and haven't had grains for quite some time I added a little bit of the Blend 11 mix to my smoothie bowl from a local cafe and it was outstanding! I liked the texture of the puffed millet and amaranth with the crunchy nuts, seeds and tangy fruit!

I loved both GoodMixes equally the Blend 11 had puffed millet and amaranth that were crispy whereas the Neo Blend didn't but just as good with it's mix of dried fruits!


I received no compensation for this post but was provided with GoodMix Foods samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.





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