Paleo Prime Foods Review

It all began with Casey co founder of Paleo Prime when he began the Paleo diet. He began to realize the effect that it had not only mentally but physically as well. A large sum of the foods that we eat leave a negative effect on our health. Since Casey began the Paleo diet he noticed that it was focused more than ever on his athletic training and felt great! 

Paleo snacks on the market were limited especially ones that tasted good and were healthy, which inspired him to make his own and that's when Paleo Prime Foods was born!

Paleo Prime snacks are naturally gluten free, dairy free and free of grains. 

Paleo Prime Original bar:
What's not to love when you've got a blend of fruit, nuts and seeds with 
chocolate? You've got yourself one delicious snack or meal that's packed 
with protein from egg whites that gives you a boost and keeps you going 
throughout the day! 

Paleo Prime Cookies:

Chocolate chip: 

My all time favorite cookie has got to be chocolate chip. When I was a child I would help mom in the kitchen I think that's when I first fell in love with food especially sweets each with their own unique taste so sweet, creamy, buttery and delicious! As I'd help mom in the kitchen making cookies I'd sneak a little taste of the batter give or take a spoonful! Maybe it was the way the batter tasted or the sweetness of the chocolate chips, either way it was enough to make my mouth water! I couldn't wait till they were out of the oven so I would watch in front patiently till they were done. I loved biting into the soft cookie and how the chocolate chips would melt in your mouth they 
were so sweet and delicious especially when served with a cold glass of milk! When I bit into this cookie right here I was in heaven it was soft, chewy, chocolaty and offered that fresh baked taste ! 

Vanilla raspberry:

chunks of fruity raspberries with the sweet essence of vanilla all in one delicious cookie that will satisfy any sweet tooth! 

Vanilla blueberry

When I bit into this cookie I was reminded of my all time favorite bakery sweet none other than a freshly baked blueberry muffin from the chewinessof the cookie to the plump juicy blueberries with the sweetness of vanilla! 

No Grain Granolas

crunch noir:
Coffee and chocolate lovers unite when it comes to this deliciously nutty granola! Crunch Noir offers a blend of dried fruit, seeds and nuts sweetened with cocoa and a jolt of coffee ! This granola is fabulous whether sprinkled on yogurt or straight from the bag! 

Berry crunch:
Add a little sweetness and crunch to your morning smoothie with Paleo Prime Berry crunch which offers an assortment of dried fruits, seeds and nuts that have been slightly toasted with a touch of sweetness from cinnamon, honey and vanilla! 






Paleo Prime Foods brand provided me with samples of their products for review in exchange for my honest opinions, all expressed here are my own however yours may differ. 


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