Hank's High Protein Peanut Butters Review

Hank's High Protein Peanut Butter Company is based in providence Rhode Island and was made with the incentive for diabetic clients that Henry Capasso (owner of Hank's High Protein Peanut Butter) works with. They were in need of some form of protein but without all of the unwanted junk that's in other peanut butters on the shelves. 

What started out as a protein peanut butter made for diabetics soon grew for both athletes young and old due to not only it's major health benefits but the creamy yet delicious texture and the face that it's packed with protein which is a total of 14 grams per serving ! Oh did I mention there's no sugar !? 

Hank's become a staple in many households for those who not only eat healthy but train as well as exercise consistently. 

I know that when growing up as a kid I loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ! There was just something about biting into the sweet and creamy peanut butter and the fruity jam that I loved! Not to worry Hank's is safe for children to consume and is also safe up until the day of your big competition. 

The only flavors that contain one ounce of sugar are the Snickerdoodle and chocolate chip per pound.

Hank's is made with the finest of ingredients which begins with a high quality of nuts that are both toasted and split roasted. What makes Hank's peanut butters extra special is that they are the only one who uses this blend of nuts!
After the nuts get roasted they then add whey protein concentrate, isolate as well as casein to all eight of their extraordinary flavors. 

Hank's doesn't add oils to their peanut butters like other brands do instead they concocted a formula that only allows the natural oils from the nuts to seep into the blend of the nuts and the protein. 

Have you ever opened a jar of peanut butter and saw excess amount of,oil at the top? With Hank's unique blend there's no leftover oil.

Hank's is sweetened naturally with stevia and xylitol giving it a delicious and sweet taste that's not overpowering. 

We live in a society where we are careful what we consume whether it may be sweets, breads, alcohol etc. did you know that xylitol is inside of our bodies already ? It produces 5-10 grams naturally each
day from our food sources that's stored for energy pathways. Not to worry it isn't a weird or artificial
substance used as a natural as well as normal everyday part of our metabolisms.

We already get a dose of it naturally through our fruits, mushrooms, lettuce and berries. 

Stevia is the popular plant that stems from South America. It's known as a natural sweetener. Did you know that natives used stevia as a sweetener for hundreds of years? Stevia leaves are used as a medicine and used as a weight loss aid which treats diabetes, lowers high blood pressure, lowers the Uric acid levels, increases the strength of muscle contractions that pump the blood from the heart and helps relieve heartburn. 

Stevia is also used as a flavor enhancer for our foods or drinks I sometimes put some in my coffee when I want to sweeten it up and it's low in calories! 

I came across Hank's High Protein Peanut Butter online and found out that they are made right here in Rhode Island which is where I am from. 

I work out six days a week in the gym and eat healthy as much as possible so when I came across Hank's peanut butters I knew I had to try them! 

Hank's High Protein Peanut Butters are cranking out delicious flavors to name a few there's coconut, Snickerdoodle, banana, chocolate chip, caramel pretzel, and honey maple.

Hank himself provided me with samples of his peanut butters to try out for review and here are the
flavors I was sent.

This peanut butter was so creamy and delicious especially with sweet cinnamon swirled throughout the jar. Snickerdoodle peanut butter makes the perfect pairing for a nice hot piping bowl of oatmeal speckled with raisins, in a  shake, on toast and much more! 

Almond Butter:
I loved the creamy nuttiness from Hanks Almond butter it wasn't real gritty as others that I've tried it was flavorful, delicious and works well in a sandwich and just about anything imaginable even the yummy homemade almond butter cups! 


I love all things coconut and couldn't wait to try out this irresistible creamy peanut butter ! When I opened the jar I was greeted by shreds of real coconut on top and just from the sweet and nutty aroma had my mouth watering! That's when I got the idea to make some brownies and swirled in the coconut peanut butter. Rather than using oil for the brownie mixture I opted for Stonyfield organic vanilla yogurt, one egg and water along with Madhava brownie mix. I wasn't sure how the brownies would come out being that I've never used yogurt as a replacement before but they came out perfect ! They were chocolaty, moist, Cakey and super duper delicious and the coconut peanut butter was the icing on the cake or should I say brownie?!

Chocolate chip:

Sweet luscious chocolate enrobed in creamy peanut butter along with chocolate chips in each irresistible bite!  


Loved the hint of sweetness from the banana and the creaminess from the peanut butter!

Caramel pretzel:

Whoa, I thought the coconut peanut butter was good!? This peanut butter was amazing ! When you twist off the jar you see little bits of pretzels on top then you get the creamy peanut butter with rich buttery caramel ! I love caramel just as much as coconut maybe even more! I came up with this sweet yet crazy idea to make a caramel pretzel milkshake and boy did it come out good! I started with salted caramel arctic zero ice cream then added a bit of unsweetened cashew milk, some ice and some caramel pretzel peanut butter and tossed it into the blender, pressed the button and patiently waited.. I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I stopped it midway just to taste it. It was amazing! I had a mason jar that I swirled with chocolate sauce throughout the inside and stuck in the freezer for a bit and once
the milkshake was done I carefully poured it into the glass and then added some truwhip, some
pretzels and some chocolate chips! It was creamy, buttery, sweet, crunchy, and delicious all in one bite or gulp I should say!

Honey maple:

I loved the creamy texture of the peanut butter along with the sweetness from the honey and maple.


Ice cream is one of my favorite summer time treats to cool off with from the creamy texture to the sweet taste is enough to make me go bonkers! Add a chocolate shell and you've got the perfect dessert! Magic Shell is an ice cream topping that comes out as hot fudge and then it's like magic as soon as it hits the ice cream, it hardens into a chocolate shell that's to die for! I haven't had magic shell in years and started craving it so I melted some chocolate chips in my microwave for a bit then I took it out of the microwave and mixed the chips up a bit then swirled in peanut butter and popped it back into the microwave until it was a thick yet creamy consistency just like hot fudge! I then grabbed my favorite ice cream out of the freezer and scooped it into an ice cream dish and drizzled the sauce on top and watched the magic happen! I couldn't believe how easy and delicious it was to make ! 

Hank's Peanut Butters are like no other brand of peanut butters that I've tried they are creamy, sweet and delicious and go great in so many recipes whether it's oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies or right from the jar! I loved the taste, the texture and the fact that they are packed with protein, don't contain a lot of sugar and that there is no added fats it's insanely delicious and peanut butter lovers will love this stuff ! 

Look on the locator to see where Hank's is sold nearest you ! 

Hank's High Protein Peanut Butters provided me with samples in exchange for a product review, however all opinions expressed here are my own.






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