KozyShack indulgent recipe pudding bzzcampaign !

It all began in 1967 with bread delivery man  Vincent Grupposo when he discovered Cozy Shack delicatessen rice pudding. He did what anybody else would do he bought the recipe for  the rice pudding in which he sweetened up the name a little by switching the C to a K and there you have it Kozy Shack was born ! 

Kozy Shack makes their delicious  puddings with real ingredients such as sugar, rice, milk, eggs and tapioca. 
When I was little I couldn't wait to dig into  Kozy shack pudding at lunch time! 

It's literally  the perfect little treat to any lunch, forget the sandwich eat dessert first!

The moment I carefully peeled off the wrapper to the minute I stuck the spoon into the puddings rich texture was enough to make my mouth water. Then the rest was history it was love at first spoonful  ! 

I absolutely loved their tapioca as well as chocolate pudding as a kid! 

When I was offered the KozyShack for new indulgent recipe I couldn't pass it up, hello it's pudding and it makes life a little sweeter! 

KozyShack indulgent recipe come in these scrumptious flavors that will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Chocolate Truffle
Dark Chocolate 
Vanilla Bean
Salted Caramel

The flavors I bought were 

chocolate truffle:
I don't know what I like more a decadent chocolate truffle or chocolate pudding?! Put them together total game changer! It tastes like a melty

chocolate truffle! 

dark chocolate:
I loved the taste of this decadent yet creamy chocolate pudding it didn't offer a bitter taste like some dark chocolates do it was sweet but not too sweet and oh so good! 

It's creamy, it's sweet, it's decadent, did I mention delicious ? 

I don't know about you but I love all things sweet, whether it be golden luscious caramel, creamy vanilla or decadent chocolate! 

Indulgent recipe pudding is like happiness in a cup it's insanely good it offers a thick yet creamy texture like no other pudding has there's no comparison when it comes to KozyShack ! 

Look for KozyShack indulgent recipe pudding at you're local retailer nearest you! 

The KozyShack brand provided me with samples in exchange for a product review, however all opinions expressed here are my own. 






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