Reed's Ginger Brew & Virgil's natural soda review

It all began in the year 1989 by founder of Reed's Inc. Chris Reed where he learned that back in the old days pioneers didn't go out and buy a soft drink in fact they brewed their very own in their kitchens straight from the source of spices, roots, and fruits.

Their soft drinks that the pioneers created were not only natural but they were good for you and tasted good too in fact many used them as herbal tonics.

With every Reed's Ginger Brew is a glimpse back in time to their sodas that were created by hand.

Reed's Ginger Brew made in small batches where they are brewed ever so carefully and aged like wine using extraordinary spices, fruits, roots and herbs to be bottled.

Reed's Ginger Brew is free from preservatives and anything artificial to ensure you phenomenal flavor that's like no other soda!

Did you know that Reed's Ginger Brew was the first ever soda that was commercially brewed in the world ? They also  won a national and international gourmet foods award!

In the year of 2000 Reed's introduced their line of Virgil's Root Beer which was a third time winner for outstanding beverage award winner of the national association of specialty food trade. Then in 2012 Reed's expanded with kombucha .

I was provided with samples of some of Reed's sodas to review and here is what I received !

Virgil's soda flavors-

Root beer:
A root beer wouldn't be complete without a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream! So sweet, so creamy, foamy and oh so good made me feel like a kid again with each sip !

 Dr  Better:
Tasted just like a dr. Pepper but even more delicious !

Cream soda:

Ever since I was a kid cream soda had been a favorite ! Reminds me of melted ice cream but bottled! So sweet, yet so creamy, crisp and refreshing to the last drop!

Reed's Ginger Brew flavors-

Original Ginger Brew :
This brew reminded me of my childhood from when I was sick and mom gave me ginger ale to help settle my stomach it was soothing and delicious!

Extra Ginger Brew:
I really liked the added bite to it making it more unique than an original brew of ginger ale so crisp and flavorful.

Premium Ginger Brew:

Bubbly and crisp with the right amount of ginger added to it.





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I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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