Honey Mama's Cacao-nectar bars

Honey Mama's are crafted by hand Where they are made with the finest of ingredients.

Honey mama's bars are made with only five ingredients!

Sprouted nuts
Raw local honey 
Unrefined oils
Nutrient rich and alkalizing cacao

Honey mama's are free from grains, soy, egg, dairy and gluten as well as non GMO.

Honey mama's bars come in six delicious flavors.

Lavender red rose
Oregon peppermint 
Mayan spice 
Peruvian raw

I was provided with Honey Mama's bars to sample 

Oregon Peppermint:
So rich and creamy from luscious chocolate with the cooling sensation of peppermint.

This bar was insanely delicious from the moment I bit  into it I was in heaven that melt in your mouth chocolate so creamy with a kiss of peppermint.

It reminded me of one of my most favorite desserts from Hail Merry's their chocolate mint tart so rich, creamy, minty, luscious and delicious!

It was the perfect little treat!

Lavender Red Rose:
Luscious , sweet creamy cacao sweetened with honey floral notes of lavender and rose petals make for a beautiful yet decadent dessert with a fruity twist 

Mayan Spice:

Sweet creamy chocolate with a kick from the cayenne pepper along with exotic cinnamon

Loved the sweet creaminess of the chocolate with the nuttiness of coconut it went along perfectly with a cup of coffee on a cold snowy winter day

Crunchy almonds enrobed in Sweet and creamy cacao 

Peruvian Raw:

 Loved the creaminess from the cacao along with the crispy nutty crunch of almonds 

Honey mama's bars are so good you'll want to smack your mama! 





I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples to review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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