Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar Review!

No one thought it could be done but Quest perfected yet another delicious flavor, meet the new member of the Quest bar family Mint Chocolate Chunk ! 

When I heard that Quest was coming out with a new flavor I just had to try it so I ordered myself a box from their website. 

I couldn't wait to try it out being that I workout a lot and protein bars are my go to snack of choice because they are a great on the go snack, keep me going and packed with protein as well as delicious.  

The new protein bar from Quest Nutrition reminded me of one of my favorite Girl Scout cookies which is the thin mint and here's why.When you carefully tear open the wrapper you see the most beautiful protein bar seriously ever made with mint chocolate chunks throughout.

Before you take your first bite you smell the pungent mint aroma and then your mouth starts to water so then you take a bite first you get a mouthful of chocolaty creamy goodness with a refreshing mint flavor.

Mint chocolate chunk bar health facts:

15 grams of fiber 
Contains less than 1 gram of sugar
Contains 20 grams of protein
Gluten free
guilt free
Low in carbs
Made with no fillers or junk 

What I loved about this bar is that it was like eating a thin mint it offered a crunch to it almost like a chocolate wafer texture which you would get from the popular yet delicious Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie.

If you love thin mint Girl Scout cookies I'm telling you that you'll love this bar! 

You can purchase Quest Nutritions new Mint Chocolate Chunk flavors and others on their website listed below! 






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