Angelicbakehouse review !

It all began 24 years ago when Jenny and James Mariano met in high school but wasn't until 2009 when they started making delicious bread together. In order to support not only their family but their passion for health food they purchased a sprouted bakery near Milwaukee that was in dire need of a makeover. Over the next few years they began promoting the benefits of their delicious products in their community and the word got out just as fast as the mouth watering aromas that were coming from their bakery. Their devoted local fans became national fans, the company that started out little began to blossom almost five-fold since they made it their own. 

Angelic bakehouse uses non gmo grains and bakes them to perfection in their dough giving them a nutritiously nutty taste and texture ! 

Health benefits:

Made with non GMO ingredients 
Sweetened with pure honey sourced in the USA 
Contains no artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners and fats 

Made with Simple ingredients 

Nut free
Whole grain 
Dairy free
Sesame free
Non GMO 
Egg free
Soy free
Free of HFCs 

I came across Angelicbakehouse products in an email that I had received from the Hungrygirl newsletter that I'm subscribed to for all kinds of tips and tricks to healthy eating like portion control, a restaurant survival guide and recipes for you to make at home that are delicious. 

As soon as I read the healthy stats in the email I was sold not only are sprouted grains nutritious but Angelicbakehouse products contain less calories and fat than the leading other brand of bread out on the market.

They make all sorts of luscious goods from baguettes, dinner rolls and even bread.

Angelicbakehouse was kind enough to send me out some products for review along with recipes and other fun stuff.

Here is what I was sent for my review. 


Sprouted seven grain:

I've tried other sprouted grain breads before and I have to admit they were a bit dry but this bread delivered not only texture but taste as well and it made an unbelievably delicious grilled cheese sandwich ! Not a grilled cheese fan? This light bread is perfect for anything even French toast ! 

Sprouted honey wheat with raisins: 

this bread was insanely delicious it offered great texture with a hint of sweetness from the honey along with the pop of the juicy raisins as you sink your teeth into it. As I took my first bite It was like I was a kid again sitting at the kitchen table with a slice of raisin bread sprinkled with cinnamon 
along with a glass of milk it's purely delicious and will have you begging for more. This bread is not

only perfect with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top but another old time favorite of mine a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich! You could even make a grilled cheese with this bread and slice up a Granny Smith apple with melty cheddar cheese. 


Sprouted seven grain premium wrap:

If it's one thing that I love it's sandwich wraps you can stuff them with so many things from sweet to savory whether you spread on peanut butter and sliced banana sprinkled with your favorite granola, roll it up into a burrito stuffed with anything from grilled chicken to steak with all the fixings or make it into a delicious yet filling breakfast wrap with eggs, vegetables and a little cheese to start off the morning it's sure to fill you up! 

Sprouted Flatzza seven grain 14 oz :

What I loved about the flatzza was not only their taste but crispy thin texture baked to perfection in the oven with crisp colorful vegetables, creamy cheese a little bit of sauce and some ham. For as long as I can remember I've always been a pizza lover you can add so many toppings on it, and it sure is a crowd pleaser. Not in the mood for something savory, then a dessert pizza is the way to go with hot fudge, chocolate chips and even 
marshmallows or even fruits for a delightful but refreshing treat! 

Sprouted flatzza buddy seven grain 10oz :

Veggie wrap

Grilled chicken pizza with spinach, feta and tomato

 S'mores pizza

in the mood for pizza but don't want to over indulge? Then the sprouted flatzza buddy is for you! I absolutely love pizza I mean seriously I could eat it everyday the possibilities are endless when it comes to tender flaky crust brimming the edges with Ooey gooey cheese, sauce, and veggies. The flatzza buddy is like your own personal pizza just for you and completely guilt free if you eat the whole thing.

Buns and rolls:

Sprouted hamburger buns:

These buns are perfect for grilling season for any burger whether it be topped with ketchup and mustard, cheese, crisp and colorful vegetables or black bean burger. I loved how soft and flavorful these buns are, I used to think what makes a great burger are the toppings but I was totally wrong it's the bun! 

Seven grain Sprouted dinner rolls 

whether your serving up soup or a big pot of beef stew for your next family dinner these sprouted grain dinner rolls are the perfect side and are perfect for dipping or served with a little butter on top ! 

Sprouted seven grain baguette:
The perfect addition to any meal is good bread to go with it whether you've cooked up a delicious meal for the family of spaghetti and meatballs with a salad  served with crispy crunchy buttery garlic bread. The other night for dinner I did just that and made one of my all time favorites which is chicken parmesan with red sauce and bubbly cheese a side salad, and the best part was the garlic bread that I made with the sprouted seven grain baguette. All I did was put on a bit of butter and sprinkle on a little garlic salt and popped it into the oven until golden brown. 


Angelicbakehouse provided me with samples in exchange for a product review. However all opinions expressed here are my own. 







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