Detour Simple Chocolate Chip Caramel Whey Protein bar review!

Snacking just got more, well simpler and healthier with Detour whey protein bar.

Did you know that eating healthy is the key to better health? It's not always easy though there are times when you get a hankering for those sort of foods we all love to eat but end up feeling guilty afterward such as candy, ice cream wait what am I talking about anything with chocolate is good to me! 

Detour simple was created with you and your health in mind using clean ingredients that aren't only healthy for you but taste good as well to fix any sweet tooth craving! Got a craving with chocolate? Detour simple has a bar with your name on it! How about Ooey gooey salted caramel with a cookie dough center? I bet I have you drooling now! Detour Bars are simply delicious and are the perfect post workout snack after any strenuous activity or even when you get a craving for something sweet.

Detour Bars are 

Non GMO 
Rich in fiber
Packed with protein
Gluten free
low in sugar
made with no artificial sweeteners or flavors 

Let me introduce you to a scrumptious new flavor that has just been added to the Detour Simple family! Can I get a round of applause for the Chocolate Chip Caramel flavor? This bar offers creamy milk chocolate, luscious caramel and chunks of chocolate chips throughout each bite. It was like 
eating a candy bar but with no guilt afterward it was insane how good this bar was! 

When I'm headed out the door to go and workout at the gym I make sure I grab a snack that's packed with protein and it's usually a protein bar because they are quick and easy which keeps me going throughout the day. Have you ever noticed the size of some protein bars that are out on the market? I mean they are humungous, not to mention loaded with fat and unwanted calories. 

I'm a Detour influencer and was provided with the newest addition to the Detour family the chocolate chip caramel snack size bar! I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into these bars, I mean seriously what's not to love it's like a caramel chocolate explosion in your mouth! 

Detour Simple bars also come in full size that offers 20 grams of protein where the snack size has 10.  

Detour Simple comes in three mouthwatering flavors.

Chocolate chip caramel
Caramel peanut
Salted caramel cookie dough 

#eatsimple with Detour and save 15% off any order with coupon code teamdetour when you purchase from their website! 

Detour Simple provided me with samples of their chocolate chip caramel bars in exchange for a review, however all opinions expressed are my own. 







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