ips all natural egg white CH(ips) review !

It all began in Sean Olson's kitchen founder of ips (intelligent protein snacks)  When he was preparing  a morning breakfast for his children which  hatched the idea of making a healthier snack to feed not only his family but us health nuts as well all with crispy edges of eggs that his children loved so he took the idea and ran with it and created a tasty and crunchy snack made with wholesome egg white and non gmo corn! 


intelligent protein snacks healthy facts:

ips are snack chips that are made with egg whites, corn and other all natural ingredients they are crispy , delicious and contain a total of six grams of protein per serving! 

 Ips chips are created with a patent-pending Pressure-Puff process that's crispy, delicious and healthier than other chips.

Did you know that each ounce of ips contains six grams of protein which is the equivalent to an egg? They also contain half the fat of fried potato chips as well as less carbs as baked potato chips.

I'm a huge fan of chips they go along perfectly with a sandwich or right out of the bag but are loaded with fat. 

Jeanette over at ips chips sent me their egg white protein chips to try out for review, and with flavors like cinnamon, barbecue, aged white cheddar and sea salt and black pepper I just had to try them they sounded so delicious ! 

I'm not sure if it was the flavors that won me over or the fact that they are low in fat, made with all natural ingredients or the fact that they are a snack that I can feel good about devouring rather than guilty.

Why are ips chips different from other brands?

Made with egg white protein
Offers 6 grams of protein per serving
Contains half the fat of fried chips
Crunchy, delicious and guilt free


Sweet meets smoky in these crunchy delicious bite sized chips! 

Aged White cheddar:

I love anything with cheese, I think I was a mouse in my past life lol I mean seriously I love it whether on rice cakes, salads, soup, in a sandwich or chips
! These chips delivered not only the crunch factor but the cheesy taste as 
well! What I loved about these chips was the fact that they were seasoned perfectly with real cheese and not that powdery cheese consistency like others I've tried. 

Sea salt and black pepper:

I loved that the chips weren't overly salty and the kick of pepper was just right.

Loved the sweet cinnamon taste and the crunch of these chips, when I bit into one it reminded me of my all time favorite cereal, cinnamon toast crunch so I added some cashew milk and raisins for a delicious breakfast to start off the day! It was creamy, sweet and delicious ! 

Disclosure re:
The ips brand provided me with samples of their chips in exchange for a review. However all opinions expressed are my own






  1. These sound so different and interesting. Plus, there's tons of different flavors -- something for everyone. I think I'd probably like the cinnamon and barbecue flavor. Yumm!

    Definitely going to be checking these out.

    1. Ashely these chips were so delicious worked great as a snack, paired with lunch or when craving a little something sweet! I bet you'd love them!!


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