Alden's Ice Cream Review

Alden, son of Julie who is the maker of Julie's Organic ice cream came up with his own delicious organic ice cream as well in family sized that you  could take home and enjoy with you're family.

Easy to scoop and a decadent treat that will sure to please!

Made with all natural ingredients and oh so delicious.

I am a huge fan of sweets especially ice cream, it's my favorite go to summer treat!

Now as you may know I have reviewed Julie's products and thought that they were amazing!

They were so delicious and full of flavor.

I was ecstatic when I found out I was going to be doing another ice cream review, especially for the son of Julie's Organic!

Before I was sent the coupons for review of this sweet and delicious ice cream from Alden's Ice Cream I was shopping at Target one day and noticed they had some of Alden's on clearance marked down to just $2! 

So being the smart shopper I am I just had to buy some, how can you beat that price?

I took it home and tried it right away.

Mom and I had bought the Vanilla Bean and it was amazing!

It was creamy and delicious!

We cut up a brownie from Protein Bakery and put it in the ice cream, I am telling you the flavors from the exotic vanilla and from the brownie was purely amazing!
I couldn't wait to go to the store again and pick out other flavors with my coupons that I have received.

I went to Whole Foods market the other day and just had to buy!

They had a bigger selection that Target that's for sure!

More than just one flavor I mean.

Mom and I decided to mix it up and add a scoop of chocolate chocolate chip and strawberry it was super delicious, chocolaty, and fruity!

You can add your favorite fruit on top, sprinkle on granola, blend it up for a delicious shake or smoothie or scoop it onto a cone!

*Flavors I chose*
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Other flavors they offer
Peanut Butter & Chip
Butter Brittle
Mint Chip

I have only tasted the cookies and cream so far of the ones I got with my coupons and it is so delicious, right amount of cookies through out the ice cream and great creamy taste!

You have got to check out their ice cream!

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Sold at these local retailers 
Whole Food's
Dave's Market
and many more!


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