O.B. Tampons with fluid-lock grooves for leak protection !

It all began in Mach of 1950 designed by a woman to offer women period protection that is specifically designed for our bodies made with custom fit protection without any applicators which means less waste that helps protect our bodies and the environment!
I received a sample of O.B. Tampons to try out and I couldn't wait to see how they held up from my current brand of tampons that I was using .

For me personally I think O.B. is a great tampon brand for any young woman who is entering women hood because they protect against leaks and easy to use.

Be sure to wash hands before inserting tampons.

Make sure to check out each tampon to see if they are sealed and if not don't use it simply grab another one. Then find the colored tear strip and slightly pull. Remove both ends of the wrapper.

Find the string on the end of the tampon then grab the string and give it a pull from left to right and top to bottom to make the base of the tampon wider to create a pocket for your finger for insertion making it easier which is a must because your finger plays an important role when it comes time to insert the tampon.

Simply place your index finger inside the little pocket. the pocket keeps your finger clean as well as protected when you insert the tampon. 

With your thumb and middle finger grasp a firm hold of the tampon then stand with one leg up by resting foot on the toilet or bath tub even by sitting on the toilet.

Then inhale a deep breath to relax. With a free hand hold gently around the vaginal opening . Take the O.B. Tampon and using the full length of your index finger ease slightly into the vagina by aiming toward your lower back.

When the tampon is inserted the right way and in the right place you won't feel it if you do gently push a little further in. 

Leave the tampon string hanging outside of your body. Then wash hands and you are good to go!

When it comes time to changing your tampon which you should keep in mind to remove it at least every 8 hours. 

Wash hands. take a relaxing deep breath and give a firm tug at on the string and throw into the garbage.

O.B. Super Tampons are designed to expand evenly all around to fit the natural shape of each woman and are good for those moderate flow days.

O.B. Super absorbency Tampons are made with Fluid-Lock grooves to help stop leaks in their tracks keeping them locked in. 

O.B. Tampons can be found in 

  • O.B. Pro Comfort Regular
  • O.B. Pro Comfort Super
  • O.B. Pro Comfort Multi Pack
  • O.B. Original Regular
  • O.B. Original Super
  • O.B. Original Super Plus
  • O.B. Original Ultra
  • O.B. Original Multi Pack

What I liked about the O.B. Tampons that I received is that they provide comfort and protection against leaks due to their fluid-lock grooves but what I didn't like was the fact that it's made with rayon.


I received no compensation for this post but was provided with a sample of O.B. Brand tampons to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.








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