April SampleSource Box !

With SampleSource you can try products before you buy it's easy to join and did I mention it's free?

If you like trying out samples before you buy like me then you want to check out SampleSource trust me ! I have been a member for quite sometime and have tried all sorts of products ranging from makeup, household cleaning, beauty care products to snacks !

Head on over to SampleSource right now and join! You won't be disappointed !

All you do is head to their website and click on become a member tell SampleSource about yourself such as lifestyle and the type of products you are interested in.

Then watch for an email letting you know when samples will be available and then choose the samples available that match your profile .

The hard part is the waiting until your SampleSource box of freebies arrive so that you can rate and try them out but it's totally worth the wait!

I recently received samples from SampleSource and can't wait to talk to you about all of the products that were inside the box.

RepHresh Vaginal Gel Personal Lubricant:

Feeling not so fresh? With RepHresh Vaginal Gel personal lubricant you get up to 3 days of freshness with one easy pre-filled application that's the number one recommended brand by gynecologists that's been proven to maintain a healthy vaginal pH that helps alleviate discomfort and odor making you feel repHreshed! With RepHresh vaginal gel you can use before or after sex, for long lasting freshness anytime, after douching, and even after your period.

Trojan Lubricants Chain Reaction:
Trojan Lubricants chain reaction offers a non-stop thrill with sensations that keep changing during sexual intercourse as you may experience a warming, cooling, heat and or tingling sensation.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips:

With Breathe Right Nasal Strips you can not only breathe better but sleep better as well thanks to it's ability to relieve any nighttime nasal congestion one may experience . Breathe Right Nasal Strips are made with a spring-like band that helps make breathing better and it's been proven that it opens up congested nasal passages within an instant. Did you know that nasal congestion is triggered by an inflammation of the nose? With decongestants it helps alleviate swelling overtime but adding breathe right nasal strips instantly clears nasal passages making it much easier to breathe.

Apply Breathe Right Nasal Strips by washing face and then dry your nose area to help rid of any dirt or oil (for oily skin use an astringent)

Then remove the liner and apply the strip to your nose.

Press down ends of the strip and then give a slight rub to help secure the strip into place.

Quest Beyond Cereal Protein Bar in Cinnamon Roll Flavor:

Quest Beyond Cereal Protein Bar is like biting into a freshly baked cinnamon bun with creamy icing but healthier and packed with 12 grams of protein plus it's got a total of 110 calories , only 2grams of net carbs, 7 grams of fiber and is gluten free!

Clairol Root Touch Up Hair Color:

With Clairol Root Touch Up Hair Color it's a permanent solution to touch up with any shade

Method Ginger Mango 4x Concentrated Laundry Detergent:

Experience a burst of freshness with a zing of Ginger and ripe mango in Method Laundry Detergent that helps fight stains and keeps your clothes looking bright !

This sample box from SampleSource offered some great products I loved how the Method Detergent not only offered a nice scent but the fact that it kept my clothes looking good as new. The Quest Beyond Cereal Protein bar was delicious so sweet, crispy and the perfect after workout treat! Or the Clairol Root Touch Up Hair Color to touch up those roots for a flawless more youthful look!


I received no compensation for this post but was provided with samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.








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