Sir Kensington's Condiments Review!

Sir Kensington was born to a family of merchants in Great Britain and went to Oxford university , his course for undergraduate study he received degrees in agronomy, culinary arts, and mercantile trade. His herbal curiosities took him on a journey west by sail where he navigated his sight on the orient.

Not long after Sir Kensington joined the National Geographic Society and Guild of peppers, he acknowledged a post in Constantinople in the service of her majesty commending the British East India Company in disregard of rare spices. His return to England he then illustrated and guarded his thesis A Most Seemly Union:Byzantine Gastronomy & The Delightful Marriage Of Greek and Roman Influence, 330-453, where he received his doctorate from Cambridge.

Later on he founded and created a reinsurance problem seized by  Lloyd's of London, where he was let go to focus in his true calling which was the evolution of cultural understanding where he then organized summits and salons with big names from across the old and new worlds where he soon realized that the hush of a gathering was the outstanding fuel on which it ran.

During one summit the guests were served with juicy slices of Wagyu beef from the emperor of Japan, Catherine the Great of Russia careened toward Sir Kensington demanded a side of ketchup.

Sir Kensington was taken aback by the ketchup request but waltzed to the kitchen and couldn't find a match for the dish so he concocted a ketchup on a whim that would carry his name forever. He became the so called King of Ketchup and still to this day is known for his delectable flavor profile. Sir Kensington is still known as the only commoner ever have been invited to the Buckingham Palace for three meals in one day!

In 2008 Sir Kensington's spice chronicles were happened to be lost, but when Scott Norton and Mark Ramadan of Brown University found them hiding safely in the library's special collections.

Scott and Mark were enticed by the lost recipes and pledged to resurrect the ketchup in Sir Kensington's tradition.

Being a huge success the operation was the first of many batches of this unique and outstanding concoction being healthy and vigorously created no other name could be given than Sir Kensington himself.

Sir Kensington's is located in New York City's Soho District where they are true to the name and belief to bring integrity as well as charm to overlooked and ordinary food. Sir Kensington sure would be pleased .

Since then Sir Kensington has expanded their line of products with more than just their wholesome ketchup .

Sir Kensington's offers

•Classic Fabanaise
•Chipotle Fabanaise
•Avocado Oil Fabanaise
•Avocado Oil Mayonnaise
•Organic Mayonnaise
•Classic Mayonnaise
•Chipotle Mayonnaise
•Sriracha Mayonnaise
•Special Sauce
•Classic Ketchup
•Spicy Ketchup
•Spicy Brown Mustard
•Dijon Mustard
•Yellow Mustard

I was provided with samples of Sir Kensington's products and couldn't wait to try them in so many recipes from coleslaw, to burgers, on sandwiches even with fries for dipping or salads like chicken or tuna !

Spicy Brown Mustard:

I've tried all sorts of spicy brown mustard and they were too spicy but Sir Kensington's offers the right amount of heat with a sweet touch of maple that is out of this world amazing and would be delightful on chicken wings! Yum! Add to your favorite sandwiches even burgers and you've got yourself one flavorful meal with the perfect amount of heat and maple-y goodness in each bite!

Classic Ketchup:
I loved the flavor of the ketchup it went along great with a side of homemade baked rosemary sweet potato fries making it perfect for dipping!

Classic Mayonnaise:

Dress up boring sandwiches with Sir Kensington's mayonnaise it offers a
Creamy texture with a sweet taste ! I whipped up ranch dressing with the mayo and it was super creamy, flavorful that's perfect for dipping veggies, fries or even dresses up sandwiches, coleslaw !

Each Sir Kensington's product was unique and special in their own way the mayonnaise how thick and creamy it was or the mustard that offered the right amount of heat mingled together with sweet sticky maple or the ketchup how it went along ever so perfectly with sweet Potato fries!

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with samples of Sir Kensington's products to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.







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