Kite-Hill Artisan Almond Milk Foods !

It all started with a glimpse for plant based foods that would offer all of the superiority we rapture in artisan dairy cheeses.

Kite-Hill shares a passion for food and fellowship of a meal that's to be shared and they concocted products that those who are seeking a healthier lifestyle and or dairy-free can savor.

They gathered as a team and discovered how to make artisan cheeses with nut milk rather than milk from animals. Kite-Hill released all sorts of products soon after from artisanal delicacies, nut milk yogurts, pastas and dairy free probiotic drinks.

When I made the choice to go Dairy-Free I knew it was going to be tough since I love cheese and especially yogurt.

I searched through countless aisles at a grocery store just perusing yogurt and or cheese brands that were made with clean good for you ingredients but fell short until I came across Kite-Hill and fell in love with their creamy yogurt and spreadable cream cheeses along with their ricotta that made one delicious lasagna !

I reached out to Kite-Hill recently and told them how much I love their products from their creamy yogurt to cream cheeses and was provided with free product coupons to try out their latest products and couldn't wait to do so!

Kite-Hill offers a wide selection of products ranging from yogurt, ravioli , pie, even cheeses which you can find listed below.

Greek Yogurt Flavors include

•Black Cherry

Artisan Almond Milk Yogurt Flavors Include

•Key Lime
•Plain Unsweetened

Almond Milk cream cheese includes


Artisanal Cheese

•Soft Fresh Original
•Soft Fresh Truffle & Dill


•Mushroom Ricotta Ravioli
•Spinach Ricotta Ravioli

Drinkable Yogurts

•Plain Unsweetened

Yogurt Tubes

  • Wild berry
  • Strawberry Banana

Here is what I chose to purchase with the coupons I received plus I found coupons online which I used as

Yogurt Tubes-

Wild berry:

I've tried yogurt before in tubes and they were runny to the point it squirted out when you opened the packaging but Kite-Hill's yogurt tubes are thick and creamy and easy to open plus delicious making it the perfect in the go squeeze snacks especially for kids because they are fun to eat ! I loved not only the texture of the yogurt but the taste as well with chunks of berries mixed right in!

Greek Yogurt-


mango is one of my all time favorite summertime fruit it's refreshingly sweet, exotic a little tart but oh so good especially when in smoothies or as a yogurt like this one which offered chunks of mango blended in with thick creamy yogurt !


With Halloween coming up I figured what's more fun than to eat than a dip for fresh fruit, cookies and more than this easy Vanilla No nut cinnamon honey dip !

Greek yogurt dip how to :

1. add in a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter to the vanilla yogurt or your favorite nut butter

2. Then add a teaspoon of cinnamon honey and stir

3. Add your favorite fruits, cookies even brownies for dipping and enjoy!

This dip was sweet, creamy and so delicious I mean it was scary good along with the subtle sweet taste of vanilla, warm cinnamon from the honey and the nuttiness from the sun flower seed butter making it the perfect texture for dipping apples and crispy cinnamon cookies !

Drinkable yogurts-


Some drinkable yogurts I've tried were too thin I like my smoothies thick this one from Kite-Hill was all that and more with it's creamy texture and sweet juicy mango!

Artisan almond milk yogurts-

Kite-Hill vanilla almond milk yogurt is smooth, creamy, decadent ,sweet and is perfect when paired with crunchy granola, fresh fruit such as berries or added to smoothies ! Look at those vanilla bean specks! 


Pineapple in itself is tart, juicy, sweet  and is so versatile it can be added to many recipes from sweet to savory like rice, ice cream, smoothies and so much more! I Pineapple Kite-Hill yogurt is one of my favorites it's thick, it's creamy, it's tangy, it's sweet and has chunks of pineapple throughout each spoonful!

Each and every one of Kite-Hill's products that I've tried were full of flavor, creamy in texture and outstandingly delicious! They are great blended into smoothies or perfect right out of the cup for a tasty snack and or breakfast! 


I received no compensation for this post but was provided with Kite-Hill samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.



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