Eat Pure Ingredients with Other Foods Baking Mixes!

It all began 7 years ago with a gut feeling for Founder of Other Foods that something wasn't right struck with little energy, chronic headaches, a digestive system that was out of whack and immune response was off.

Since after the birth of her second child and robust antibiotics for infection and the body hadn't jumped back to the way it was before.

Not long after she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and rid her diet of Gluten then cut out all grains after hearing about the specific carbohydrate diet and began to eat more vegetables along with protein and saw a huge impact on her health and what a difference that foods can really make .

There's More to eat with Other Foods baking mixes that are free from Grains, Soy, Baking Powder which actually has corn in it, nuts, refined sugars, guar gum, xantham gum, stabilizers or preservatives but contains coconut sugar and cassava flour which makes it great for anyone on the Paleo Diet !

She then concocted her very own treats and bread to satisfy those cravings using nothing but the good stuff without the junk!

So what is Other Foods made from?

  • Coconut Sugar -that is a whole food and contains a low glycemix value.
  • Cassava Flour- as a replacement to grains without using any stabilizers that provides texture unlike with other gluten free flours cassava could be a substitute for wheat flour 1:1

Did you know that Cassava is a tuber that is sprouted in South America and is well known to us Americans as manioc or Yucca and is made from the plant of tapioca flour? Other Foods producer uses a special process to make the flour that provides all of it's nutrients such as fiber and protein of the cassava tuber which makes decadent baked goods!

The American lifestyle has been geared toward a diet rich in grains, soy and corn which we consume on a daily basis for breakfast, lunch and dinner . 

Did you know that our chickens and cows are fed grains rather than a natural diet? 

It's also then added to our foods we consume to sweeten and make them cheaper such as breakfast cereals and more .

Corn, Soy and wheat don't just take over our plates but grocery stores as well being the easiest and cheapest food for Americans to eat which we shouldn't eat because it's making us feel tired, and both sick from the so called American Diet. 

Ever since I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid I've changed my eating ways dramatically and noticed when I follow the Paleo Diet I feel better, just like the saying says when you eat better you feel better and it's true because food is a need for us it's where we get our nutrients from.

Sure at times eating a strict diet is hard we have to think of every piece of food we put in our mouths whether it's at a restaurant, at a friend's house even in the comfort of our own homes by prepping and planning out every meal just to avoid getting sick.

We need to eat foods that provide our bodies with nutrients and sure we get cravings for desserts like brownies, pancakes even breads but who doesn't we are all human and deserve a treat once in awhile so why not give in with Other Foods!

I absolutely love bread whether it's sweet like banana or pumpkin bread or savory for sandwiches it's versatile in so many ways.

Just recently I came across Other Foods on Amazon and just had to try their bread mix so I did and fell in love with the soft spongy texture and oh my that crust as it perfectly toasted in the oven! It was amazing with nut butter and jam slathered right on top bringing me back to memories of my childhood it was delightful ! 

Other Foods Baking Mixes include

  • Sandwich Bread Mix
  • Pancake & Waffle Mix
  • Cake & Brownie Mix

Sandwich Bread:

Wow what can I say about this bread other than the fact that the crust is beautiful! I mean just look at it! Doesn't it make your mouth water? The texture was spot on and resembled real bread without the junk! It made wonderful sandwiches like this one below for lunch which was sunflower seed butter, fruit slammer pouch for the jelly (see the ooze coming out of the bread)? Yeah that's the melty creamy nut butter along with the fruity jam cause yeah I toasted the bread and it oozed oops! along with an apple and chips! It reminded me of being a kid again from the sweet sticky jelly to the nutty creaminess of the nut butter!

Brownie & Cake Mix:
Halloween is just around the corner and since I had a can of pumpkin in the fridge that needed to be put to good use I whipped up a batch of double chocolate pumpkin donuts with the Other Foods Brownie Cake mix and so glad I did because these brownie donuts let me tell you were super fudgey , is that even a word? Well guess what it should be because they were rich, creamy, chocolaty everything a brownie or doughnut  should be am I right? 
Behold the Double Chocolate pumpkin doughnut sprinkled with what else more chocolate?!

So rich, so decadent, chocolaty and oh so good!

After I let the doughnuts sit to cool I then melted some Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips for the frosting until creamy then slathered each doughnut.
I whisked all of the ingredients together and then added 1/4 cup of pumpkin and then spooned them into a doughnut pan and popped them into the oven. 

Pancake & Waffle Mix: 
Pancakes are so versatile you can make them either sweet or savory, me I am team treat yo self so I went along with these beauties right here which I sprinkled cinnamon into the batter then diced up a pear which I cooked on a skillet in coconut oil and sprinkled more cinnamon to create a syrup and my it was divine ! 
The pancakes were everything a pancake should be thick, fluffy, and the warm cinnamon and sweet pears smothered in sunflower seed butter it was the perfect morning breakfast to start the day!

Each Other Foods baking mix was unique in their own way the bread created a thick crust with unbelievable soft texture that made wonderful sandwiches that held together unlike other breads I've tried. The Brownie mix was super rich in chocolate flavor and made delicious doughnuts to satisfy my sweet tooth and those pancakes were ah-mazing ! Thick, fluffy, easy to make and made one heck of a breakfast!


I received no compensation for this post.





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