Forager Project Organic & Plant Based Foods

It all began with stepfather Stephen and stepson JC who shared the same love for plant-based, organic foods that weren't only healthy but tasty as well.

Stephen and JC both brought their expertise to the table where Stephen who was a skilled food pro that was thrown off by those other so called healthy products that didn't match up to their label by the overthrowing list of ingredients and JC who was a
rising entrepreneur that had trouble seeking those truthful foods he was in need of.

Stephen and JC founders of Forager started off with their pressed vegetable juice followed by nut-based drinks.

The Forager Project adventure had began taking the world by storm later releasing their vegetable chips which used the juices pomace.

Cashew milk  came soon after followed by creamy Cashewgurt which is made from culturing the nut milk.

Forager Projects products are made from

Organic nuts, seeds , ancient grains and vegetables

When I first tried Forager Project they only had their juice and shakes available but they've since expanded their product line and offer dairy-free milks, smoothies, yogurt which is made from cashews hence the name Cashewgurt and pressed vegetable chips!

I reached out to Forager telling them just how much I adore the creamy texture that their Cashewgurt has to offer and was provided with a bunch of their products to try out .

Here is what I received

Probiotic smoothies:

Smoothies are great for an on the go breakfast you can add so many ingredients from fruits, to nuts, vegetables , milk or even yogurt !

Banana & Date:

With Halloween coming up I decided to add some finishing touches on this delicious smooth, creamy and sweet banana & date smoothie so I poured it into the blender along with 1/4 cup of pumpkin and a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter that I had purchased at Trader Joe's along with ice and gave it a whirl.

Then poured slowly into a mason jar and topped it off with my chocolate pumpkin cranberry lotus pops crunch bars !

The sweetness of the banana along with the sticky like caramel taste from the dates balanced out the bitterness of the pumpkin in the smoothie ever so perfectly making it a special treat topped with a spooky chocolate pumpkin cranberry lotus pops crunch bar that made it extra scary and so delicious !

For breakfast I poured the banana & date smoothie into a bowl and then added a pumpkin morning glory muffin along with sliced pear, sunflower seed butter and cinnamon it was delightful.

Strawberry & Banana:
I loved the juicy strawberry taste that was slightly tart and balanced out with bananas! so good! 


Unsweetened Plain:

I'm not one for plain yogurts I prefer something sweeter like vanilla but plain yogurt works great in making chicken salad with all the fixings whether you add cranberries, raisins, walnuts, celery salt and pepper to taste or use as a topping as an alternative to sour cream. 

Drinkable Cashewgurt

Unsweetened Plain: The drinkable cashewgurt is the perfect yogurt for on the go snacking because you don't need a spoon put it in a mason jar with your favorite fruit blended right in and you are good to go! 

Dairy-Free Cashew Milk

Unsweetened plain:

The texture was thick, and creamy like a yogurt and works wonders when baking up wholesome treats, blending it into smoothies, adding to scrambled eggs and much more! I made a creamy and delicious ranch dressing using the Cashew Milk and it was amazing I mean it offered that thick and creamy texture of dressing I love with the right amount of spices along with Sir Kensington's mayo shown above! 

Other forager project products include


•Wild Blueberry
•unsweetened Plain

 Drinkable Cashewgurt

•Wild Blueberry
•Unsweetened Plain

Probiotic Smoothies

•Banana & Date
•Strawberry & Banana
• Mango & Chia
•Simple Greens


•Nuts & Vanilla
•Nuts & Chocolate
• Nuts & Coffee


•Greens & Greens
•Greens & Apple
•Roots & Ginger
•Greens & Avocado

Dairy-Free Cashew Milk

•unsweetened Plain

Pressed Vegetable Chips

•Chipotle BBQ Greens
•Cheezy Greens
•Wasabi Greens

Each and every Forager product I've tried from their milks and yogurts I have loved they offer both great texture and flavor !

Find Forager Project products nearest you! 










I received no compensation for this post but was provided with Forager Project samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.


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