Bumble Bee Prime Fillet Crowdtap Sampling !

Bumble Bee seafoods began in 1899 by a group of fishermen. Today Bumble Bee Seafoods is North Americas biggest brand shelf stable seafood company that offers a wide range of pouched as well as canned sardines, salmon and tuna. Their specialty seafood products are marketed in the U.S. under leading brands which include Wild Selections, Sweet Sue, Brunswick, Snow's, Beach Cliff, Bumble Bee super fresh and Bumble Bee whereas in Canada it's under the Clover Leaf brand.

Bumble Bee brand has accustomed remarkable consumer awareness as well as loyalty based upon their nutritional value, quality and affordability of their products. 

Summer is here, time to head to the beach! 

When going to the beach I usually pack snacks, cold drinks and lunches the night before and pop them in a cooler to keep cold. I like packing a variety of foods like fresh fruit, a delicious salad or a sandwich, maybe even some crackers to nibble on. 
You know what makes for the perfect summer time meal is tuna fish! Not only is it healthy, it's delicious and packed with lots of protein! Tuna fish also goes great on crackers for a light snack or my favorite cottage cheese yes I know I'm weird what can I say!? 

The bumble bee brand provided me with samples of their prime fillet albacore tuna with olive oil to try out for review through Crowdtap and they come in three delicious flavors. 

Sun dried Tomatoes and olive oil:
If summer were a food this is what it would taste like. I loved the sweetness from the sun dried tomatoes it complimented the tuna perfectly and made for a great sandwich! I bet It would be perfect in a pasta salad! 

Chipotle and olive oil:
Looking for a light and refreshing meal ? Try lettuce wraps, not any lettuce wrap chiptole and olive oil lettuce wraps with sliced tomato and a pinch of black pepper! 

Jalapeños and olive oil:
I'm not a fan of spicy foods especially jalapeños. I thought it was going to be extra spicy so I made fish tacos for lunch with black beans, tomato, avocado and a bit of feta cheese. I bit into the crunchy taco and to my surprise the tuna was nothing like I thought it was going to be it was phenomenal ! The tuna was so fresh, delicious and the jalapeños offered the right amount of heat ! 


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