#SwitchToSheba Vocalpoint sample

The Sheba brand is well aware of our love for cats and their distinguished palates, personalities and independent spirits which is why every single Sheba recipe begins with real seafood, beef, or poultry as it's main ingredient for an enticing flavor your cats will love ! 

Sheba is made without any corn, artificial flavors, soy and even wheat and made without any fillers. 

As a Vocalpoint member I was sent samples of Sheba's new products in perfect portions, premium cuts and premium pate. 

Perfect portions chicken and tuna entree-
Your feline will savor every bite of slow roasted chicken and tuna in this delectable entree 

Premium cuts in gravy chicken entree-
Sheba chicken entree offers succulent chicken in gravy that will leave your cat smacking it's chops for more ! 

Premium pate salmon entree-

Delectable, palatable salmon slow roasted to perfection in natural juices that your seafood loving cat will love ! 

You can find Sheba brand cat food at your local store ! 




Disclosure: The Sheba brand provided me with samples of cat food to review in exchange for my honest opinions, all expressed here are my own.


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