Secret Outlast Clear Gel Bzzagent Campaign

Your going out on a date with this hot guy so you slip into that little black dress that you've  bought the other day at the mall when you and your girlfriends went shopping.

so you do your hair all nice and pretty and apply your makeup then you notice it a girls worst nightmare! 

Those embarrassing white marks from your deodorant! Oh the horror! 

Sweating alone is embarrassing enough but when you find yourself doing the pit check every so often to see if your deodorant is doing it's job by keeping you fresh, clean and odor free can make you feel rather paranoid which only leads you to sweat more. 

I don't know how many times my deodorant has failed me, too many to count I can tell you that! 

It happens at the worst time too like on a hot summer day and you've been slaving away cutting the grass, planting flowers or even working out at the gym and you notice the unpleasant odor.

With Secret Outlast Clear Gel deodorant it goes on clear leaving you with a light clean scent that makes you feel more confident and less likely to be doing the pit check ! 

Secret Outlast Clear Gel offers

✅ 48 hour protection keeping you fresh and dry all day
✅Goes on dry by keeping us cool
✅stops odor before it starts with its ph balanced formula
✅made with athletes in mind with a sport fresh scent

I put my secret outlast clear gel to the test on a hot summer day to see if it would not only keep me fresh and dry but last throughout the day to the point where I didn't have to reapply.

At first I was skeptical because I've tried Secret deodorants in the past and was disappointed in them for not keeping me protected throughout the day but when I tried Secret Outlast Clear Gel that I've received free from Bzzagent to try out for review I fell in love with it! 

I liked that when I applied the deodorant it didn't leave any embarrassing white marks on my shirts, the fact that it offered a nice clean fresh scent that lasted throughout the day and that it made me feel confident enough during my workouts on the most hottest days of the summer! 

Secret Outlast comes in these five scents:

Active Fresh
Sport Fresh
Completely clean
Protecting powder

Look for Secret Outlast Clear Gel at a store nearest you! 

The Secret brand provided me with a sample of Secret Outlast Deodorant for reviewing purposes in exchange for my honest opinions, however all words expressed here are my own.






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