Laurel's Butters Review !

Not only are nut butters delicious in all sorts of recipes from smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes even as a sandwich but they are a great source of protein as well. 

Nut butters contain healthy facts as well as protein that leave us feeling full throughout the day.
Meet peanut butter addict Laurel founder of Laurel's Butters not only is she a Division I track athlete she's also an IFBB professional figure bodybuilder.

Laurel concocted her own nut butters making all sorts of delicious flavors with the purest ingredients. 

She believed that it's best to keep foods simple using only the finest of ingredients and that's when the saying no crap, just nuts was made ! 

I came across Laurel's Butters online through Instagram and couldn't believe all of the different flavors she's created to name a few banana bread, maple bacon, oatmeal cookie and much more! 

They sounded so delicious! 

Laurel then sent me some samples of her butters to try out and I wanted to try flavors of that I've never tried before so here are the flavors I chose for my review of Laurel's Butters.

Banana Bread:
If you love banana bread then this butter is for you! It was chock full of banana flavor giving it that
fresh baked banana bread flavor that we all know and love along with the crunch from the walnuts
and hint of sweetness from vanilla extract. I made  oatmeal for breakfast but not ordinary oatmeal oh no I made banana bread and it was the ultimate game changer! 

White Chocolate Raspberry:
Velvety smooth white chocolate with raspberry essence. This delicious butter makes a perfect topping on anything imaginable from pancakes, waffles even cupcakes! 

Oatmeal cookie:
Tastes like a freshly baked oatmeal cookie straight from the oven with chunks of raisins throughout each bite! Goes great spread on toast or even in a breakfast smoothie like the one I made with oats, half of a banana , tablespoon of the oatmeal cookie butter, and cashew milk. I then topped it off with a sprinkling of cinnamon, a pinch of oats and some raisins. It was like drinking a cookie it was that good!!

Maple Bacon:

I've tried maple bacon before but never along with peanut butter and at first I was skeptical on how it would taste. Would it be sweet? Boy was I wrong! It had the perfect balance of sweetness and smokiness from the bacon, being the perfect topping to pancakes along with a drizzle of maple syrup and a scoop of vanilla maple arctic zero ice cream for good measure! 




Laurel's Butter provided me with samples to facilitate my review in exchange for my honest opinion, however all opinions expressed here are my own. 


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