Nightfood Midnight Chocolate Crunch Swaggable Sample

It's 8pm and your watching tv and all of a sudden a commercial comes on advertising the latest doughnut from Dunkindonuts and your mouth starts to water, but you don't want to undo your day of healthy choices.

You figure maybe a bite of it won't hurt, so you quickly grab your keys and run out to your nearest Dunkin to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Then later on the guilt hits you oh why did I eat that? So you toss and turn all night with the guilt having eaten it.

Believe me I've been there. 

Don't you wish there was a guilt free snack to satisfy those sweet cravings that you get after dinner ? 

Nightfood midnight chocolate crunch not only satisfies your craving for something chocolaty and sweet but it is completely guilt free with additional benefits! 

✅satisfies those after dinner cravings 
✅Great source of protein and fiber
✅Keeps your diet on track 
✅supports a better sleep 

I have to say this bar not only was chocolaty and delicious but cured my sweet tooth and I woke up feeling well rested knowing I made the right decision the night before for a tasty treat all while keeping me on track! I loved the sweetness from the creamy chocolate and the added crunch to it! It was like eating a nestle crunch bar! 

I also loved that it didn't disrupt my sleep and it didn't leave me feeling hungry as some other snacks do. 

Night food brand provided me with a sample to review, however all opinions expressed are my own. 



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