SafeCatch Tuna Review !

When it comes Safe Catch brand tuna it's protein that you can trust because it's the only brand that takes the time to test every fish for it's level of mercury. 

SafeCatch is packed by hand to maintain omega 3 oils as well as nutrients. 

With SafeCatch tuna there's no draining involved because all of the oils are in fact natural fish oils.

Since SafeCatch meets the Consumer reports for low Mercury level it's safe for pregnant women and children to consume. 

SafeCatch aids in performance giving you a boost of protein, helps you recover after a workout and makes those muscles good and strong! Not like pop-eye strong though ! 

I love tuna not only because it's simple and goes great whether on a salad, crackers, as a sandwich or made into a burger but because it's packed with protein. 

I swear I eat it all of the time, I'm talking about like a few times a week a lot it fills me up and keeps me going throughout the day without that sluggish feeling. 

I was so psyched when I found out that I was selected as the winner on A world of Reviews, Giveaways and more blog ! It arrived just in time because I had just run out of tuna fish ! I couldn't wait to crack open a can to see what delicious protein packed recipes I'd come up with! The possibilities are 
endless with tuna!

For dinner tonight I made a salad with some black beans, tomatoes, diced red onion, tuna, avocado and a sprinkle of feta cheese with some ranch dressing it was so good ! 

Even though I tend to wake up early I like to prepare my meals the night before I have to get up for work it helps me save time that way.

So after I was done eating dinner I whipped up a tuna fish sandwich on some bread with spinach, tomato, red onion and to add a hint of flavor I 
added black pepper. 

What I love about SafeCatch tuna is that it smelled and tasted fresh. I'm talking about fresh off the boat fresh! I like that they use whole tuna steaks and then pack them raw to retain the nutrients unlike other brands that cook them down. 

SafeCatch Brand Stats

✅uses fresh tuna  
✅Mercury tested 
✅dolphin safe 
✅Paleo Certified 

Did you know that most tuna brands on the market administer fillers like GMO soy and pyrophosphates ?

SafeCatch Contains no funky stuff 
❌no preservatives 
❌Gluten Free
❌Filler Free
❌Contains No GMOs
❌BPA free

Don't just Eat Pure, Live Pure with SafeCatch tuna ! 

Check the locator to see where you can find SafeCatch nearest you! Also sold on Amazon ! 






SafeCatch brand provided me with samples of their tuna for review in exchange for my honest opinion, however all opinions expressed here are my own.


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