Raw By Rae dessert Treats Review

It all began when Rachel founder of Raw By Rae was on a mission to create a healthy clean treat that you both can enjoy without the guilt and satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Raw By Rae desserts are all natural and made with all natural ingredients. 

✅Gluten Free
✅Dairy Free
✅certified vegan dessert
✅All Natural 
✅Raw Whole Food 
✅sweetened naturally 

Raw By Rae is literally energy in a box and here's why!

Raw By Rae desserts are made with dates, nuts, and seeds that are naturally sweetened with no artificial sweeteners, no added preservatives, soy free, grain free, dairy free, gluten free and egg free. 

Whenever your running low on energy pop a Raw By Rae treat into your mouth and your good to go! 

Rae's treats come in many scrumptious flavors such as

Lemon Coconut
Salty Caramel
Original Brownie
Cinnamon Roll
Coconut brownie
Caramel turtle
Chocolate chip cookie
Pumpkin spice
Orange chocolate 
Banana split
Pecan pie
Mint chocolate chip 

Rachel herself sent me some of her treats to try out for review and here are the flavors I received. 

Original Brownie:
Who doesn't love a ooey gooey chocolate brownie? This decadent brownie was moist, gave the right amount of sweetness and was so delicious everything a dessert should be! I crumbled it on top of a scoop of mint chocolate chip arctic zero ice cream with a dollop of truwhip and a little bit of chocolate chips for a tasty treat. 

Lemon Coconut:

I really loved the sweetness from the coconut and the zest of the lemon balanced out perfectly in this delightful little treat! For breakfast I chopped it up into little pieces and layered it beautifully on top of some plain yogurt with blueberries! It was both sweet, delicious, refreshing and prepared me for a workout ! 

Cinnamon Roll:

Wow this little treat reminded me of an actual cinnamon roll only without the ooey gooey frosting on top! 

Salty Caramel:

I love salted caramel flavored everything coffee, desserts you name it I like it! This little ball of delicious was just that sweet luscious creamy caramel speckled with sea salt to tickle your taste buds! 

If you love sweets then you will love these treats from Raw By Rae check them out online ! 





Raw By Rae provided me with samples in exchange for review however all opinions expressed here are my own. 


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