Old Orchard Mixers tasting party and giveaway!

What began as a small farming operation over twenty five years ago blossomed and now has over 100 delicious and healthy juices to choose from that are now sold in stores across the nation and around the globe.

 You can't kick off your end of summer bash without drinks!  Old Orchard juices just came out with a new product and I was sent them taste for review.

 I couldn't wait to try them out, I loved their apple juice as a kid so I knew I was going to love their mixers!

 They are affordable, come in three delicious flavors and they are the perfect drink for entertaining a huge crowd at your BBQ or for happy hour with the girls!

 Old Orchard mixers are easy to make all you do is add ice, water or alcohol then blend and serve!

 Old Orchard mixers come in Piña colada, Margarita , and Strawberry daiquiri.

Each can make a total of six drinks.

 It's close to six o'clock and guests will be arriving any minute, The food is prepped and ready to be set on the table and that's when you realize you forgot to make the drink that you were going to be

 Not to worry. It's a good thing you have a can of old orchard mixers in the freezer. No time to let it thaw yikes!

Whew, the plastic cans are microwaveable as well as leak proof so you won't get sticky hands in the process.

 What I loved about the mixers is that it can be made with or without alcohol and since I don't drink I added in just ice and water and it was delicious, light, refreshing and fruity making it the perfect drink to cool off with on a hot Summer night!

 Be sure to look for them at your local Walmart in the freezer section !





 Disclosure: The Old Orchard brand provided me with samples for review in exchange for my honest opinions, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. I am most interested in the pina colada variety.

    1. Good choice ! I would have wanted to try it too but couldn't find it at my local Walmart ! Oh well I guess I will have to try it when I find it 😊

  2. Piña colada has got to be one of the best flavors when it comes to drinks it's so delicious and takes like a vacation ! It's like a vacation in a glass !

  3. I would like to try Strawberry daiquiri..

    1. My mom loved the strawberry daiquiri she said it was very good !

  4. Some Strawberry Daiquiri -- with a little rum would taste amazing

    1. The strawberry daiquiri is a great choice !

  5. I would have to say that it would be the Pina Colada


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