Pumpkin Spice Rxbar Review !

It all began with two best friends Peter and Jared when they were in search of a protein bar that was made with real food. They were shocked when they found out that their go to protein bars were packed with artificial ingredients and not enough protein. 

That's when they got to work in the kitchen and the rest is history because that's when Rx bar was born! 

What makes Rx Bars different from the other protein bars on the market? 

Rx bars are made with simple ingredients providing us with healthy fats, natural sugar that's made with real fruit, carbohydrates that are high in fiber and egg white protein.

Days are getting shorter, kids are headed back to school. I know it's a bummer that summer is coming to a close, but you know what that means though right !?

Crisp Autumn air, leaves fluttering from trees that fall to your feet, apple picking, hot apple cider and pumpkin spice flavored everything ! Fall is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love Fall, it's the perfect kind of weather to bundle up in a sweatshirt and warm up with some hot apple cider. As a kid I loved going apple picking with my family there was just something about it that I loved and still do to this day! 

When Halloween was vastly approaching we would head to the pumpkin patch in search of the biggest pumpkin we could find to bring home with us to carve.

As I got older I started to have a love for all things pumpkin especially fresh baked goods like muffins and bread that my mom would make! It was so moist and flavorful with the perfect amount of sweetness.

Aside from baked goods my favorite is pumpkin spice coffee I just love the robust taste from the beans with the subtle sweetness of allspice, cinnamon and the nuttiness of nutmeg! 

When I'm on the go in the morning and need a pick me such as after the gym to give me a little boost I grab a protein bar. It gives me energy and holds me over till lunch time. 

I've tried some pumpkin spice protein bars before and some I thought were way too sweet. 

I was selected as a Rxbar taste tester for their new pumpkin spice flavor and since I've never tried their bars before I couldn't wait to tear open the package! 

Rx pumpkin spice bar is made with 

Egg whites

Rx Bars are free from 

Artificial sweeteners
Added sugars
Artificial ingredients 
Sugar alcohols

Other Rxbar flavors:

Peanut butter
Coconut cacao 
Chocolate sea salt 
Apple cinnamon 
Coffee cacao 

I'd have to say that this was the best ever tasting pumpkin spice bar I've ever had it was chewy, sweet but not too sweet and offered the right amount of spice to it! It was the perfect little snack to keep me feeling energized throughout the day ! 

I absolutely loved trying out the pumpkin spice bar and would love to try the other flavors!

The Rx Brand provided me with samples in exchange for a review, however 
all opinions expressed here are my own. 






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