Fruity Pomegranate Spritzer with Splenda

With the Summer comes the heat, so why not beat it with a cool and refreshing drink that's not only low in calories but fruity and delicious that your friends and family will be raving over!  

Fruity drinks can be loaded with not just unwanted calories but loaded with sugar ! If your looking for a drink that's low in calories and fruity then your going to love the pomegranate spritzer made with Splenda which is a low calorie sweetene and I got to try it free through crowdtap! 

It's light, crisp, sweet, fruity and refreshing making it the ultimate summer time drink! 

I thought it was the perfect drink to cool down with on a hot summer day, I thought it was both delicious and refreshing. I loved that the drink offered a tart flavor from the pomegranate with a subtle sweetness from the simple syrup along with the pucker from the lime! 

This recipe was super simple to make and would be a great crowd pleaser at any party whether at a baby shower, your next BBQ or even for a girls night!






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