The Paleo Cookie Company Review

It all began with two best friends Anna and Sol who both shared a passion for healthy living .

Anna who grew up with her loving parents a mother who was famous for her extraordinarily over the top style of cooking,  and her father who was a well known butcher in Greece .

She learned at an early age through her parents to appreciate the finest quality of foods.

As a child Anna was in awe helping her mother in the kitchen where she used food to express her love by baking all sorts of things for loved ones, friends, and even strangers.

She remembers fondly of going to school with baklava which is a traditional Greek dessert for her teacher.

Anna's family has endured numerous health obstacles which was the main reason for her desire to lead a healthy lifestyle, she gained as much information about health and wellness as possible and has found that food could either heal or kill you.

Even when Anna was growing up she 
tried just about healthy lifestyle out there and today she believes that the foods we should eat are in fact unprocessed and clean being free from any steroids, antibiotics and chemicals.

Sol started swimming competitively  at the tender age of seven.

During her Collegiate women's water polo days at the university of Illinois-champaign her father was strict with junk food while training.

After college she started boxing as well as crossfit and tackle football for Chicago's official women's team the Chicago force.

In 2010 she injured her ankle during football and that's where she met Anna.

Sol's injury lead her down a different path to health with the help of Anna who cooked and brought her food in hopes for a speedy recovery and that's 
when Sol herself knew just how powerful healthy foods can be .

Anna and Sol then began a meal program called Paleo Fit Meals or (PFM) they teamed up for a strict regimen paleo diet for a total of 60 days where they eliminated dairy, soy, grains, gluten, carbs, legumes and refined sugars from their daily diet. 

When your eating healthy especially on a paleo diet it can be rather tough which is where Anna's cooking comes in . 

Anna and Sol made a deal where Anna cooked up the delicious meals and Sol helped with the physical yet challenging part of the challenge, which Anna won in the challenge by losing the most body fat percentage 
in the gym.

Soon after the word about Anna's delicious healthy meals got around and that's how Paleo Fit Meals was born! 

Not only does Anna's Paleo Fit Meals sound amazing she concocted her very own snack that is sure to please any sweet tooth  and that's how The Paleo Cookie was born!

You can have your cookie and eat it too literally in each PFM meal plan !

Their cookies were soon a hit and so they steered away from their meals and solely focused on their decadent cookies to be sold on store shelves.

You can now find The Paleo Cookie in 20 stores across Chicago, and more!

Cookies make for one amazing dessert whether paired with coffee, tea or even crumbled on top of your favorite ice cream.

The Paleo cookie company makes their cookies with the finest of ingredients that are free from gluten, preservatives, soy, dairy, grains and GMO's .

Paleo cookies come in three scrumptious flavors 

Paleo cookie 

Anna herself sent me some of her cookies to sample for review and let me tell you I knew that they were going to be good I mean how can you resist these babies their fluffy, decadent, made with real ingredients and delicious! 

Let's get to the cookie nibbling shall we!?

The Seasonal Pumpkin cookie:
Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Soy free, Preservative free, GMO Free

If you love pumpkin pie you are going to love this cookie it was soft and fluffy like a muffin with the right amount of sugar and spice complementing the flavors of Fall perfectly in each bite! 

The Paleo Cookie:

Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Preservative free, GMO Free

When I took my first bite of this fluffy yet decadent cookie I couldn't help but think is it a muffin or a cookie? It offered that fluffy texture of a muffin with sweet and nutty shreds of coconut, creamy chunks of chocolate chips, with a slight sweetness from maple syrup with the essence of vanilla ! Not only 
did it feel like a muffin but it tasted like a macaroon! 

The brownie cookie:
Egg free, Gluten free, Grain free, Dairy free, Soy free, Preservative free, GMO Free

A mix between a freshly baked gooey chocolaty brownie along with luscious melt in your mouth chocolate chips , fluffy texture of a muffin gives this cookie 

These cookies were not only delicious but were the cutest I've seen their small size reminded me of Dunkin Donuts munchkins only healthier ! 

Paleo Cookie company cookies are literally the best cookies I've tried in a long time they were sweet but not too sweet, fluffy, healthy not to mention delicious and the perfect bite sized treat ! 

Whether you love sweets or are looking for a healthy treat then The Paleo Cookie companies cookies are for you! 

Check them out online and order some today !

I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples to review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.







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