CakeTherapy Bakery Paleo baking mixes review

It all began with founder Monica Espinoza at an early age where she started baking for her mother who was diagnosed with diabetes and wanted a more nutritious way to bake for her without sacrificing flavor .

She then got to work in the kitchen trying out all sorts of fun recipes using simple ingredients where she concocted not only healthy baked goods but delicious as well.

Not long after Cake Therapy Bakery was born bringing us healthy baking mixes that are free from 

refined sugars
and additives

Cake Therapy Baking mixes are also low glycemic and Paleo friendly .

Cake Therapy baking mixes are made with top notch local, natural and organic ingredients that offer the most delicious dessert without sacrificing texture as well as taste!

Cake Therapy baking mixes come in three delectable flavors to choose from 

Heavenly Spice cake mix 
Vanilla cake mix
Chocolate cake mix

Monica herself provided me with her lovely cake mixes for review and I couldn't wait to bake them I mean seriously vanilla, chocolate , heavenly spice what's not to love? Yum !

They are the perfect dessert to have at any party like birthdays, baby shower, even weddings!

The mixes can make 1-8 inch round cake or a total of 12 cupcakes

Ovens and size of pan may vary when baking

Life can be sweet sure but it's so much better when there is cake involved!  Don't you agree? Especially when it's made with real ingredients ! Sort of like eating a salad only better, I mean come on who doesn't love a nice fluffy decadent cupcake with creamy sweet frosting ?

Cake Therapy baking mixes come pre made all you have to do is tear open the bag and pour it into a bowl, add in 1/2 cup of oil I used coconut , crack two eggs and add 2/3 cup of almond milk give it a good mix till fully incorporated and then layer into your cake pan or muffin tin lined with paper cups and bake till tooth pick comes out clean.

Let's get to the cake baking and tasting shall we!?

Here are my sweet thoughts on each Cake Therapy flavor!


Chocolate is my favorite when it comes to cake it's creamy, it's sweet, and it's melt in your mouth delicious ! With this mix I baked 12 cupcakes and after I let them cool I added some homemade coconut butter frosting, topped it with coconut flakes , sprinkles and mini chocolate chips ! 

The chocolate cupcakes came out incredibly fluffy and wasn't dry at all like other gluten free products I've tried it was moist, chocolaty and delectable ! 


With the vanilla cake mix I made 12 cupcakes whipped up a simple delicious frosting that turned out amazing! I  found it online from The Paleo Baking Company where I used two cups of solid coconut oil , one cup of honey and two teaspoons of vanilla extract gave it a good beating with the mixer and after the cupcakes have cooled I frosted each cupcake ever so carefully and sprinkled on chopped walnuts , shredded carrots and juicy raisins in top of the frosting. It was outstandingly delicious tasted just like a carrot cake only with the essence of vanilla baked into one fabulous cupcake!

Heavenly Spice:

With the warm weather approaching I gave this cake a little flair with some shredded coconut an orange in the center in the shape of a beautiful flower with a sweet vanilla honey glaze for the frosting it was moist with a little sugar and spice ! I loved the flavor of the spice from the cake it was subtle and sweet but oh so good!

Baking a cake is the best kind of therapy, it's cheaper, it's sweet, fluffy, delicious and well it's cake!

Check out where you can purchase Cake Therapy today on their website !




I received no compensation for this post but was provided with samples to review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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