Vital Proteins review

It all started with the belief that a lifestyle of whole food based nutrition when added with collagen is key to ones fitness, well being and health.

It all started with our ancestors who used whole animal nutrition that equipped that offered a great amount of collagen.

Modern food processing has then stripped the natural and healthy protein from our daily diets.

When it comes to collagen it's important for not only our bodies but is vital for our joints, bones, skin , hair and nails.

Vital Proteins provided me with some samples of their products to try out for review. 

Vital Proteins collagen offer numerous health benefits 

•Promotes healthy bones & joints 
•prevents skin aging 
•helps maintain weight 
•restores muscle 
•avoids the loss of lean body mass 
•maintains the balance of nitrogen 
•helps aid in weight loss
•strengthens athletic performance 

Collagen Peptides can be added into hot or cold drinks like smoothies, coffee, water, tea, juice and can be mixed into oatmeal or yogurt as they will not gel in cold liquids. 

Pasture Raised, Grass fed collagen peptides :

Supports joint health 
Provided more youthful looking skin, stronger nails and healthy hair
No additives or preservatives 
Improves the sign of deep wrinkles 
Stabilizes appetite

I've never experimented with collagen before until now, I really liked that it   didn't change the taste or texture of my tea it was frothy, creamy , sweet and oh so delicious ! Just look at that foam! 

Pasture raised grass fed beef liver capsules :

Did you know that Vital Proteins Grass Fed Pasture Raised beef liver capsules are
natures most potent nutrient dense superfood ?

It's rich in vitamin A, B12, Folate, Zinc, Choline, copper and riboflavin
It's sourced  from pasture raised, grass fed New Zealand beef 

Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails
Regulates the immune system 
Aids in a healthy heart 
Supports energy levels 
Post exercise recovery 

Pasture raised grass fed collagen protein beef gelatin :

Vital Proteins Pasture Raised Grass-Fed Gelatin can be used in a number of ways from soups to broths as a thickening agent, hot juices, protein pumpkin spice coffee even fruit gelatins and healthy gummy snacks ! The beef gelatin will gel when you add into cold beverages so I'd suggest using then in hot or making your own easy and fun fruit snacks !

I found an easy recipe from and it was genius ! 

Behold homemade fruit snacks! 

As a kid I absolutely loved jello it was fruity, fun and so delicious !

I would laugh just watching it jiggle away on the spoon, I mean how does it do that? 

I can't remember the last time I had jello so into the kitchen I went and made  these one here  with GT's Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha ! 

I call them Cosmic Cranberry Orange Jigglers why because there is some freshly squeezed orange juice in there ! 

1 cup of cosmic cranberry kombucha 
1/4cup of boiling water 
1 tablespoon fresh squeezed orange juice 
1/4 cup gelatin 

I started off by gathering all of the ingredients 

Then I put the gelatin into a large bowl and put it aside 

I used a casserole dish for the fruit Jigglers to firm up in but if you have molds you could use them too!

Mix all of the ingredients except the boiling water

Then give all of the mixed ingredients a whirl in the blender and set on high 

Then add your boiling water into the gelatin and mix it till it's dissolved, be quick to add the gelatin mix and give it a blend then pour the mixture into the
 mold or glass dish and pop it into the fridge for an hour to firm up and then you'll have fruit gummy snacks in no time!

Want to see where Vital Proteins are sold? Check on their website! 

Since I've been using vital proteins products I have noticed that my hair, skin and nails have never looked healthier more silkier! Thanks Vital Proteins !! 







I received no compensation for this post but was provided with the above samples to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinions which in fact are my own.


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